{above images are paint by number paintings that I purchased recently}

My amazing and talented sister introduced me to the app called Diptic….. you can do so many different things with this fantastic app…..but my favorite is the circle images……and miss cranny has put together a tutorial on her blog  about how to create these circle images with your photographs! Super, super fun……



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  1. <3 too cute and too funny! I have very similar paint by numbers at my house too except I think my pictures are does (that doesn't look right lol) by a river or something but I love them!

    • Barb Blair

      …love me some paint by numbers…and anything with deers,does,bambi’s…..:} hee hee! xo

    • Barb Blair

      You are welcome….it is so awesome and fun! yay for blogher featuring it too!

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