…I know those of you who follow me on instagram have already seen this picture….but for those of you who have not seen this little lovely…….
….this is my giant marbled clay pot that I picked up on the side of the road….and it was so heavy that my son and his buddy had to help me lift it! I am happy to report that it has found a happy home at the studio front door……and I hope to add more and more pots to the studio collection soon. I think groupings of orphaned pots falls right in line with the Knack philosophy……don’t you?

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  1. cafenoHut

    :))) that is great pot, I hope you can find much more… Everything is even more beautiful in your hands…

  2. Lindsey @ arkadian belle woods

    I love it! I'm in the market for some huge-mogo planters so if your knack cup runneth over you can also send them my way heheh! <3

  3. sheepyhollow

    perfect! it's a beautiful planter… just love those lucky 'finds'.

  4. knack

    cafenoHut, thank you so much for your words…..they rocked my world today :}

    Lindsey, thanks pal! I will certainly send some your way….fo sho!

    Sarah, thank you :}

    sheepyhollow, it was a lucky one indeed……I hope my lucky streak keeps up!


  5. Angie

    Thanks for sharing on here. I am still in the dark ages of droidism. HA! No iphone for me which means no instagram. I'm pouting right now. 😉

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