photo via dos family
 I have been working on a plan for the front of the studio, and dreaming of planting some flowers again. I was waiting until the weather got warmer….and well… has been in the 70’s and 80′ here the past few weeks! 
While I am still having a hard time narrowing down what I want to put out front because… it has to be weather resistant, not metal….because metal tends to vanish around the studio parts {wink!}, heavy enough so that it can’t be carted off, colorful, and knack worthy. Whew!…that is a tall order I tell you!
I hope to get it narrowed down here in the next few weeks, and finally have some beautiful color back out in front of the studio.
I absolutely love the idea of these little colorful tin can gardens. What a sweet gift to give a neighbor or friend …while recycling and making something useful again all at the same time……good stuff.

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  1. cranny + b

    those are wonderful. I see a summer mantle in my future : ) Can you have someone build you planters into the building? I can't remember if you have brick or wood. They definitely couldn't be carted off : )

  2. Heather

    what happened to the dresser? When we had our store my Mom and I made planters out of old truck rims,, once they are full of dirt and plants there is no way someone is going to cart them off. Plus you can paint them fun colors!

  3. knack

    Cranny + b, I think these would be perfect on your mantle :} I can have something built, and am considering it….but would love to invest in something that I could take with me when I leave……

    Heather, The dresser lasted about 8-9 months before it started to fall apart, and after a few repairs I knew I would need to find something more weather resistant. It started to look really ragged and dilapidated…and that is not the look I am going for! :} I love the idea of using truck rims! So great….and the re use re cycle thing makes me happy……thanks for a great idea!


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