Some of you might remember that I had to say goodbye to my furry pal “lizzie”  in September. I miss her, and I miss having a dog in the house. 
My 13 year old daughter “B” is a huge animal lover, and she has just applied to volunteer at our local humane society. It is a beautiful, no kill shelter that we are really proud of. 
So……. we have found ourselves “needing” to pop by there more often these days…..and whenever we are  there, I always stop in to see all the babies……and this one almost came home with me…..but I am not sure I am ready yet.
…..i may go back and get her …..jury is still out…..
… husband says that the humane society is the most dangerous place for my daughter “B” and I to be….and he is totally right….we may end up bringing them all home 🙂

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  1. Geisslein

    oh Barb – take this cute little baby home with you!!!!! I know it is always a difficult decision
    if one gets a new pet home after the old animal died, and perhaps you have a bad conscience. But everything happens for a reason and everything happens as it should…Perhaps your old dog has sent you through this shelter…….who knows?! :o)
    I believe… ;o)
    have a happy day today! geisslein

  2. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper

    it is a tough decision for sure and oyu will know when the timing is right. of course i think that little face would suck me in and the time would be right! 🙂 he is ADORABLE.

  3. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper

    it is a tough decision for sure and oyu will know when the timing is right. of course i think that little face would suck me in and the time would be right! 🙂 he is ADORABLE.

  4. stacy@sugarSCOUT

    Oh cutie-pa-tootie. My brain turns to mush when I see and smell a puppy. When the time is right and the pup is a good fit, you'll know. Happy day to your Barb!

  5. Lindsey @ arkadian belle woods

    AWWW BABBIESSS! Every family needs a dog! I think the biggest thing is that puppies are so freaking precious hopping around being cute and cuddly but they need soooo much attention and their sleep schedules are kind of strange for awhile. I went without sleep for almost 5 days with our little girl when she was a puppy. I wouldn't take back getting her but it was a learning experience that's for sure! But I think that it would be great for you and your family because you have little B to help take care of the new edition and I'm sure she won't mind at all! lol So now that I'm done rambling…..go get that puppy! hahah

  6. Conversation Pieces

    Oh he/she's a beauty! Gosh, I would have found it so hard not to take that puppy there and then (though I'm thinking my two cats would not have appreciated that!!)

  7. knack

    Geisslein, you are too sweet! Thank you so much for your words. I know that when timing is right the right pup will find us 🙂 I am just worried that with the book, school and crazy life right now…we will not have the time to devote to a baby like we would want to. We are aiming for a summer baby….that way life slows down and we are home much more to love and play with a new one…..

    Cassie, It is so hard! I want to take all of them home:) I really wanted one that was there two weeks ago…and felt a connection….but wanted my husband to see her. By the time he got there she was already adopted :/ I was so sad…..but the right one will come along…..we are excited for that time.

    Stacy, you are awesome…and I am headed over to respond to your comment from yesterday! 🙂 Made me hoot out loud 🙂 We will be fast friends…I'm sure of it! Happy day to you too!

    Lindsey, I hope you got my email back the other day? 🙂 Send me the deets…..and as far as the puppy baby….no sleep thing….that is exactly what is holding me back right now with book, school, life….summer is right around the corner, and we are thinking seriously about all of that 🙂 Thank you for your words.

    Conversation pieces, I know….it was really hard…and I am still thinking about her….but all the above mentioned things…..who knows…maybe I'll hop in the car to see if she is still there! The way those puppies get adopted though…she is probably already with her forever peeps….and that is ok too 🙂


  8. Amy of The Salvage Collection


    i walked in your shoes for over a year when my daughter and i volunteered together at a no-kill shelter in dallas….with two dogs at home, one already rescued! we both left in tears for the first few months!

    for us, though, it was simply not an option to bring another dog home and my daughter s-l-o-w-l-y realized that her place was not to "save" each one of these babies but, instead, to soothe them through their transition to their forever home. it was so rewarding to see people connect to their forever pup!

    what an amazing learning experience for both of us!

    as for you and your "urge"…if you feel hesitant then you should wait. we rescued 3 dogs in 3 years (re-homing 2) and they deserve (and need!) the full attention of a family.

    best of luck to you! i can't wait to "meet" your newest baby!

  9. Munted kowhai

    it's hard to loose a fluffy family member. we had to put our 16 year old long hair chihuahua down 5 years ago and my mum is still not ready for another dog.
    they do tug at your heart!

  10. Meghan @ The Rambling Sister

    I melted when I read this. You will know when you are ready. That sweet face needs a good home . . . but if you aren't ready, it's ok. Take your time and do it when you feel like it's right.

  11. Sarah

    Okay, the pic makes this little guy so A D O R A B L E! If you don't take him, someone will. What's so hard is that you & your "B" (that's also my nickname!)will see so many more cuties like this one in your journey at the shelter. Oh, it's so hard; but you'll know when it's the right one <3

  12. our little love nest

    Oh my goodness!! Resistance is futile. We would totally take care of her while you are in a busy stage. Bella would be in heaven. hmmm…that being said it would be stinkin hard to give her back. 😉

  13. Rachel

    Thanks so much for allowing your daughter to volunteer with the local Humane Society and thank you for considering adopting over shopping for your next forever friend. I volunteer with my local Humane Society but I do fundraising only because I get too attached to all the animals too. My two dogs and hubs thank me for not bringing all of them home.

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