Furniture Makes the Room :: My letter to you

athens, ga

athens, ga

“Our homes tell our story. When we open our front door, we invite people into our

lives. What do they see, feel, experience when they enter?

Come in, we tell our family and friends, come in and rest. All of this–the

collections, the messes, the food simmering, the coffee brewing, the art on the walls,

the music wafting: this place–this is me. These strands can–if we let them–all weave

together to create a unique, authentic environment transcending trend–they create a

home. Your home.

This is the book I’ve always had within me, these images, these projects, this

work–all of it offered to encourage and inspire you to curate and design a home you

love. In it, I create 15 new furniture designs with step-by-step instructions and resources

included in the back. Instead of a single, spare backdrop, each piece is photographed in

three different settings and uses in homes of real people. I wanted to demonstrate, in

an accessible way, the versatility of both color and design–create freedom in function.

A lot of times, people are afraid of color and statement pieces because they feel

it limits them. They think, “Oh, I couldn’t use that in my home, it wouldn’t match,” or

“that’s really fun, it’d be great in a child’s room,” but I gently encourage them to see the

versatility in the boldness. You are not stuck with a statement, instead you discover how

furniture can makes a room come alive; it’s a catalyst which challenges you to see your

space in a new, fresh way.

I want to embolden people to select the pieces they bring in to their homes, to

carefully create spaces they are proud of, spaces of welcome and intention. We are

naturally drawn to things we love and enjoy. Collecting and curating–versus impulse

buys and soul-less monotony–allows us to draw from own own unique wellspring of

tastes. Quality, story-filled items will work wherever you place them. Character, warmth,

memories–these are collected and nurtured with time. A home becomes an alchemy of

welcome, a touchstone rich in personality.

“Live with what you love,” is sort of my unwritten code at Knack, one that I hope

encourages others to stop, sit, and think about what they surround themselves with–not

just in furniture and design, but in their lives. The more we draw authenticity and truth to

ourselves, the more authentic and true we become. And like moths to a flickering flame,

our homes (lit from within) draw others inside where they are nurtured, where they learn our

stories, where they are fed and comforted, and sent back into the world–changed,

encouraged. Loved.

Come in, I’m inviting you into this book that is the most me–my home on paper,

my heart in pages. And within, I invite you to begin see your home as a gift to others, as

a blessing to yourself.”- Sincerely, Barb Blair

Thank you so much to the beautiful and talented Beth Brown Ables for helping me pen these words, and for knowing exactly how to put my thoughts and feelings in the most exquisite form.

Furniture Makes the Room is so much more than a design book……it is my heart and soul.

We will be celebrating our Grand Reopening and book launch on March 25th from 6-9 pm at our brand new location: 580 Perry Ave. Greenville, SC 29611. So, if you are local or would like to take a road trip with all the pals, come celebrate with us!


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  1. Oh Barb, book release and grand opening sounds amazing. So happy for your success and so happy for the light you are, beyond painting furniture and selling cool household items. Not to diminish the wonderfulness of those things, but your depth, spirit and beyond extend far beyond. Thank you for sharing your heart and hopes for home. <3 Wishing you every success.

  2. leonor

    Hi Barb
    Miss Your posts!
    Did You stop posting or for some unknown reason did i stop receiving Your posts?
    Is this your second book after furniture makeovers?
    Best regards