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Hey all!! Hope you are having a wonderful week!! I am enjoying family vacation tons and tons!! Many good memories have already been made and more to come I’m sure:)
I just wanted to do a quick post on full circle press!! After dreaming and seriously desiring letter press business cards, price tags, stationary, etc. for quite some time now, I have finally made the plunge!! I should be receiving my goodies in about two weeks!! I’m very excited, and will show them to you all when I receive them:) My husband did an awesome job , creating a flower just for knack, and I’m very pleased with how the design turned out!! We could not have done it without Judith though!! If any of you are considering letterpress for any occasion, I strongly suggest using full circle press ! Judith was so great about customizing a package just for knack, and she carefully guided me through what my company needed and what would work best with my budget!! She is incredible and a pleasure to do business with:) Thanks Judith , you’re the best!!

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  1. blue moss

    so excited about your cards and can’t wait to see them. have fun on vacation, we miss you!

  2. lily pottery

    I can’t wait to see your cards either! So gald you’re having fun on vaca! It’s not the same with out ya! we all miss you!!!

  3. Lydia

    Isn't Full Circle Press amazing? So lucky to live right next to them! Only wish knack was here!!

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