friday fun……

…….totally rockin’ the tyvek protection suit this week … ten dollars ever spent……creating the biggest belly laughter fits at the studio there ever were……..
…’s like michelin man goes to space crossed with the pink nightmare pajamas …….jealous?
…..may this weekend be a splendid one sweet friends!…

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  1. Meg

    Hey, we have a couple of those in our basement, my husband used to work for the EPA so a kept a couple. He puts in on every once in awhile just for fun!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Rachel • cREaTe

    too funny! what brought that on??? special project? or are you just sick of ruining your clothes? 🙂 have a wonderful weekend!

  3. lily pottery

    your marshmallow suit totally ROCKS!

  4. our little love nest

    You are the best! I wish I could have been there…Love your spirit of fun!! Made my morning, cute friend! xo

  5. ColeAndJosephine

    And it's so easy to accessorize. What doesn't go with white? Scarfs, paint splatter, you name it. Plus you can eat way too much without having pants dig into you. Wait, why don't I have one of these?

  6. erin

    so cute. i remember my dad wearing one of these when he worked on our house when i was little. we called him space-man! happy weekend, friend!

  7. Katherine

    oh, goodness! in third grade or so i wanted to be a cow for halloween, so my mom drew black splotched on one of those suits for me. they are pretty fun to color on!

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