friday froth

remember these lovely chairs that I said I wasn’t going to paint, but rather have them reupholstered with some fabric from mood and purl soho ?…. well here they are and I think they have completely stolen my heart!

I have an exciting guest blogger for Monday that I know you all will enjoy and lots more fun lined up for next week so ….. have a wonderful weekend ……see ya soon! xoxo

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  1. Biba

    I swear the pictures just changed in front of my eyes!!

    Wow – no wonder you're happy, they look GREAT. Love the fabric, especially the orange & brown one. I need to re-upholster my dining chairs but am completely incapable of deciding on the fabric…. 🙂

  2. Pure Green Design

    they look wonderful! love them. I also need to reupholster my dining room chairs, but I have too many fabrics I love, and just can’t choose!

  3. [J]

    They look excellent & bravo on your fabric choices!
    I'm so nervous bout buying fabric online, I have to feel everything!

  4. carpenter ant

    these. are. beautiful.!!!!!! i love that you used different upholstery- so good.

  5. elle kay

    Just discovered your blog through Design Sponge, and I absolutely love your work!

    You may have already blogged about this at some point (if not, you should) but how did you get started with knack and where do you find all the great furniture to redo?

    I am in awe, and quite jealous someone else has taken a concept I’ve wanted to do for years and done it so much better than I could!

  6. The Other Tiffany

    I’m in the middle of covering some chairs and this is great inspiration. You rock Barb! Thanks for sharing!

  7. f2images

    I really love the contrast of the modern very graphic fabrics with the vintage appeal of the chairs, although I guess they have kind of a “graphic” silhouette…? Absolutely stunning!

  8. Room design studio

    Elle.. I totally agree with you!! I’m just being friends with Barb cz I’m so jelous of her concept too hahaha
    Elle.. did you do anything regarding your dream?
    those are LOVELY chairs.. amazing ..

  9. knack

    thanks miss room design studio for using me!! Ha Ha!!
    you need to start your own knack over there in Kuwait!! xoxo

  10. Lenna Green

    Wow, these chairs are stunning. Great choice of fabrics

  11. Jackie

    You my friend create magic! Absolute magic with your pieces. And the glimpses of your home, well, let’s just say don’t be surprised if a stranger with dark hair and brown eyes shows up on your doorstep with her sleeping bag and pillow and announces loudly that she’s moving in!

  12. Jena

    Love the pattern on those chairs.

  13. melinda

    those chairs are drop dead gorgeous! the fabrics complement the “graphic” wood arms and legs so well, you ARE the queen of redo!

  14. knack

    I’m just smiling so big…. I love all of you guys!

    Thanks so much for the love….. oxo

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