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  1. Anonymous

    Very nice. Have you ever checked out Litabug Phlog? http://www.litabug.com

    She has some intersting things for sale and neat ideas that I think you’d like. BJ grad, too.

  2. knackstudio

    Thanks for the tip anonymous;) I loved the “phlog” and that was a new term for me!! Beautiful things, and I will definitely keep my eye one her site! Come back and visit again soon! 😉

  3. Anonymous

    Glad you liked it. I was sure you would. I like her Tuesday post the best ’cause she has a photo quiz. I also enjoy visiting your blog frequently to see what you’ve found. Loved the pics of your sister’s flowers a while back.

  4. knackstudio

    I will try to remember to check her blog on Tuesdays;) I’m glad you like to check out what knack has going on, and thanks for the compliments on my sisters flowers! Keep your eye on her, she is going to bust out and start a flower shop someday soon;)

  5. Jackie

    Hello knack – I guess I just figured out you have a blog, and what a blog it is!! Love your furniture, it has inspired me to paint some furniture (with mixed results). And congratulations on the half marathon! I’m a runner too, and did the Chicago marathon in 2003. I’m pretty darn slow though. Anyway, I’m looking forward to checking in here!

  6. knackstudio

    Hey jackie!! So glad you found the blog!! I’m excited you find it interesting enough to come back;) I certainly have fun with it! Congrats right back to you on the marathon, it is a HUGE accomplishment!! I don’t care how fast I go either, and that is the really cool thing for me with the sport of running, it’s just you and the road…nothing else matters!! I need to get back into my groove, I’m totally out of shape:( Anyway, I ‘ll be keepin up with your blog also, and I’ll see ya on flikr!!

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