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    • Barb Blair

      She is so creative….and there was a little tiny beautiful calling card that came with. I forgot to mention that my sister is the queen of packaging as well :} xo

    • Barb Blair

      I know it! she is the best! xo

    • Barb Blair

      I know right?! she makes the best stuff…I’m tellin’ ya! xo

  1. Dionne Woods

    That is sweet and lovely:)

    • Barb Blair

      Thank you! I agree with you 100 %…..xo

  2. you make my work look good : ) love these shots! I forgot to tell you– you probably were wondering why I put a calling card in the package– I wanted to show you because the girl ( from Portland, that I told you about ) did those for me– the same girl that is working on a blog logo for me. Aren’t they pretty?

    • Barb Blair

      awww thanks sis:} I totally knew why the card was there…and I LOVE it……I remembered you saying that you had a girl there working on some stuff for you and I think it is really great! Going to be very pretty! xo

    • I was wondering what happened to your blog heading and kept forgetting to ask! It sounds like another nifty one is in the works. =)

      • Kelly– yes : ) It disappeared. I actually downloaded a blog template that has no header, though, so the Portland gal is designing one that will be on the side. Until I change my mind and add a header to the blog again. You know my love for change ( wink! ) : )

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