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It has been a busy week around here! My little “B” started junior high, and “C” started high school… I feel like I have been over the hill, through the woods and back again! My head is spinning with all of the “beginnings”, and I feel like an ATM machine with the button stuck on “please take your cash!” I am going to have to have a chat with these peeps….especially the algebra teacher who insists that my son needs a 125.00 calculator. What the what? She doesn’t know who she’s messing with. Just kidding!{I love you miss algebra teacher!}
Moving on…
Many of you know that I enjoy taking pictures, and have all kinds of apps on my iphone for such things. I have several different camera apps, but the one that I find myself using the most, and the one I have been shooting all of the first day of school pictures with this week, is Instagram
Remember, how I challenged you all to photograph every day events, and to be inspired by the little  things that get overlooked ? This app is perfecto for just that! It is my favorite way to snap a quick photo, edit it in two seconds, and save it. You can also publish to Facebook and Twitter with the push of a button as well. Seriously it is my fave, and you can look up those that you want to follow and keep up with their photos as well. Photo sharing at its best.
If you have an iphone and do not already use Instagram, I highly suggest a download…….and then look me up…. my user name is knackstudio. {all one word.} I would love to see what captures your attention, and you feel is photo worthy.
The best part?…..It’s FREE!

Don’t forget:

 If you all follow me on facebook at all….I am in the process of changing over to a new page, so please “Like” this new page if you would like to keep up with me. I will be shutting down the old page as soon as the transition starts winding down.

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  1. Tanja

    i´m on pinterest too
    and i love it ♥

    my name is TIFFIES

  2. blue moss

    Hey…loved that pic of b.
    My b had to have the crazy expensive calculator too. If you haven't purchased it yet……We found one on ebay for about 1/3 the price.

  3. pamwares

    if it matters – I still have my algebra calculator from school. Which was 20 plus years ago. I even use it now and then!

    I love instagram as well. I don't post pictures as much as I would like but i love looking. i just found you as well! another fun one to follow is anthropologiecom. not sure who from anthro is taking them but it is fun!

    have a nice day barb!

  4. Ande

    The calculator is so worth it! I'm a junior in college now and I still have (and use) my calculator that I got my sophomore year in high school. It's useful because the students get taught how to use all the cool stuff that makes the calculator expensive (turning decimals into fractions, graphing etc) and that helps when it comes time to take college math classes.

    My parents balked at the price to, and he might not need it RIGHT NOW, but I wanted to put a good word in for it. And write his name on it, with a sharpie. My sister's was stolen.


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