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  1. our little love nest

    I have this thing for chairs. I buy way too many! That one tops them all! I love its’ gorgeous-ness! xo

  2. HeddyShea

    Great find girl! Did you paint it, or did it you find it that color as well??? what kinda camera do you use for your photos? I know I mentioned this to you last week, but I love your photography skills! I need to learn how to take a picture and make the background a little hazy/foggy… do you know what I am talking about? You do that with your photos and they look fabulouso!

    XO- Happy! Happy!

  3. HeddyShea

    By the way- ditto to our little love nest. I am a chair collector too! My husband gets so annoyed- he’s like “another chair”! What are we going to do with that one??? But I always find something to do with them!

    XO Again!

  4. knack

    Thanks ladies…..how I love you so……

    I haven’t painted this one…it is perfect the way it is…..I’ll take some more shots in the studio with a painted piece to show the mixture that I love… new, old…..found…… in perfect harmony!

    As far as the pictures….I use a Nikon D40 {love it!} and the way you get that hazy blurry background is the zoom lens… it focuses in on the object in the forefront and blurs the background…….I bought that extra lens when I bought the camera and have used it more than the regular one!


  5. Julia

    Oh my gosh, where in the world did you find something so cool?

  6. *plum*tree*studio*

    oh wow!! i love it. it’s so unique and the mustard color is wonderful!

  7. Slices of Beauty...

    So much Beauty on your blog!

  8. the seventy tree

    Wow, what an amazing find! I agree…it certainly holds its own without painting. Well done!

  9. knack

    Julia…I found this piece at one of my favorite haunts about 20 minutes from where I live………findings have been a little slim lately..but this girl was a no brainer!! xoxo

  10. pixelhazard

    Oh i love a good find and that yellow is so happy 🙂

  11. Joyce

    Super find. This chair looks not only colorful but fun to sit in.

  12. Haven and Home

    Love it! I also love your profile picture, when I saw it I had to stop by!!!

  13. Heidi Jo

    That is an amazing chair!

  14. Conversation Pieces

    Oh so jealous! I love it!!

  15. art4friends


    lovely blog this is!!

    I am intrigued by the chair and the fact that it was "found".

    off to look more into this!!

    hehe lovely images x

  16. Arya Kamath

    That is one beautiful chair!

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