First Friday is only a couple of days away…..

so please come down to KNACK this weekend to see me! Art & Light and Lily Pottery will be open as usual too and they have such gorgeous new things to behold…… I will be in the studio from 6-9pm Friday night, and 10 am -3pm on Saturday. I would love to see you….

I have a few shots here to whet your appetite…… mustard drawers for a girl named “Pippi” ….some orange faux bois paper that is going on some guys named “rusty ” and “clyde” …..and then some tender loving care on poor rusty’s top….I think someone took a hammer to him……. but soon he’ll be struttin’ his stuff knack style….YAY!

Have an awesome Wednesday pals! xoxo

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  1. our little love nest

    That paper is so fun. Can hardly wait to see Pippi, Rusty and Clyde! xo
    *sigh* Wish we could be there on Friday.

  2. Rachel

    ohhh when will you be showing? can't wait. you take such good care of all your pieces! you give each one your ALL. [unlike me who tends to rush through & finish at about 85%] it really shows!!!!

  3. Munted kowhai

    ah! red wood grain on white! you have my undivided attention!!!

  4. knack

    Thanks guys…… fun things are happening at the studio for sure! 🙂 I’ll show you as soon as they are done.

    I will probably have finished photos on Friday! xo

  5. Room design studio

    Oh My!!! this is so much fun..I’d love to be you anytime!

  6. JL

    I thought you had painted that paper….and you know….if anyone could…it would be you!! Looking forward to seeing the goodie goods–and you!–in person!
    see you friday!

  7. carpenter ant

    can’t wait to see how these turn out! such pretty drawers! wish i could be there in person!

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