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  1. Melissa

    Those are great number pillows in the orange drawers. I love the look together.

  2. conversationpieces

    Ooooh pretty bikes…

  3. the seventy tree

    Love these photos and I love the bikes! Thanks for your get well wishes x

  4. Slices of Beauty...

    Really cute pics, thanks for sharing!

  5. sara's art house

    Love the # pillows!

  6. the seventy tree

    Me again! I gave you an award for your lovely blog. Have a look over on my blog. If you already have it…have another! Yay!

  7. *plum*tree*studio*

    those bikes….oh…i want one!! the tiered baskets (bottom picture)…i want it…those pillows…want them…so many wonderful things you have!!

  8. erin

    oh, the bikes! loving these.

  9. our little love nest

    Loving the bikes, numbers…everything. You are so talented. It reminds me of a gallery showing we had at Uppercase in Calgary, called Old School. xo

  10. PS~Erin

    Ooooh, that last photo is talking to me! I so want one of those tri-level storage thingies, and the turquoise bike would be grand too.

    Such pretties!

  11. Amanda Nicole

    The bikes in the window are so inviting! I can just imagine a freshly picked bouquet in the basket of the blue one.

  12. Vintage Indie

    I heart that red bike, but I actually own the blue one! Love it, basket and all.


  13. [J]

    The black, wire, tiered basket is wonderful!!

  14. Prairie Girl Studio

    that shiny red bicycle is so sweet … you can almost hear the sqeak of the springs in the seat!

    i like how you've captured these treasures …

    thanks, thanks,

  15. Anonymous

    The bikes are fantastic!!! Love the plate too… great photos 🙂

  16. tara

    The tiered basket is fabulous – want! Oh, if only I didn't live in Canada (and therefore scared of shipping costs).

  17. simplesong

    LOVE the bikes … your shop looks so, so amazing.

  18. Melissa of {craftgasm}

    Trying to convince the boyfriend to spend $300 to fix up a $35 vintage bike we picked up at a thrift store rather than get a new one. It's hard to do since it's his money and my aesthetic, but I really just want to be able to put his cute vintage bike next to my vintage-inspired new bike in our living room. (That and older bikes have all the necessary features for bike-commuting already built in without needing to add them on, like fenders, lights, and a chainguard.)

  19. Laura Trevey

    LOVE the billiard balls …

  20. pink olive

    i LOVE those vintage bikes… i've been looking for a pink one for pink olive 🙂

  21. Rachel

    love it all! your store DOES look amazing! i never liked gray much … until i met "knack". 🙂

  22. Arya Kamath

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I am enjoying all the lovely pictures on yours. And I loved reading your interview over on Discover Interior Design.

  23. knack

    thank you all so much for your enthusiasm!

    I knew the bikes would cause quite the stir…they are so wonderful…..mine is the blue one and I need to take her for a tune up but the red one has already been fixed up and is ready to go!

  24. cindy : quaint

    they are wonderful, i love the bicycles.

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