Fantastic First Friday !!

Just wanted to remind all the locals that knack will be open for the fourth of July !! I will be out of town, but have a friend covering the business for me, so please stop by flatiron studios and check out what all the artists have been up to !! I am really excited about Lewis Carl’s work displayed in the art and light gallery this month! What a great guy, with a great message!!

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  1. Storeflittig

    hi! i’ve been in croatia for vacation, so have not been on your blog for two weeks, oh no! so much inspiration! I LOVE this picture, thank you for sharing!

  2. knackstudio

    Hey girl!! Glad to have you back!! I love this picture also because it is a conglomeration of everyone in flatiron studios!! And the fact that my husband did all the design work makes me love it even more:)
    He’s a good one:)

  3. eclectic curio...

    wish i oould be there for the big july 4 bash! have fun and hope all goes well!

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