….all from the wonderful party held this past thursday night celebrating art & light….

……..bird paintings by Diane Kilgore Condon that were flying out the door like candy….

……. lovely jewelry by blue moss….love it hanging from the trophies and bottles…

….and the flowerlicious new line by lily…..that literally caused cat fights……and completely sold out…….

…it was a great night friends…..xo

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  1. Karli @ RockyBella

    That looks like a great time. And yay, I LOVE Blue Moss Jewelry.

  2. blue moss

    Oh so happy to see all the pics from thursday. Just still so sad to have missed it….and hoping that there is still one little bird left for me :). Thanks for posting the blue moss pics..love how they are displayed šŸ™‚ and all the colors of lily's new necklaces are so pretty. m

  3. Katie Runnels

    rats! i missed an incredible showing! thanks for the photos! xoxo

  4. mollie

    those birds! i wish i had more candy money! and i wish i could have witnessed a lily-pottery cat fight. wow!

  5. Jaimee

    Looks like a fabulous show…love Blue Moss!

  6. Laura K. Aiken - Mosaics

    I sure hate I missed this šŸ™ I know you had a big crowd and lots of fun! See you another time.

  7. pink olive

    looks like it was a fun night! šŸ™‚ wish i was there!! šŸ™‚ love the picture of the jewelry shots..

  8. *plum*tree*studio*

    wow!! i can see why everything was "running" out the door!! amazing talent in one place! those bird paintings were beautiful and i probably would have been in one of those cat fights for those necklaces!! šŸ˜‰

  9. Amanda Nicole

    Holy cow, it's all so gorgeous! It's no wonder things cleared out quickly. Congrats!

  10. Barbara Bechtel

    lily's new necklaces are delicious and everything looked so beautiful and it looks like a good time was had by all. šŸ™‚

  11. Jill

    those flower necklaces are wonderful – they remind me of the sugared mint candies at weddings!

  12. Rachel Follett

    Look so fun! Love those bird paintings. Really pretty!

  13. PS~Erin

    What a cool show!! I love the bird arrangement on the wall and the jewelry display. I completely understand why those flowerlicious necklaces are sold out… I might have been tempted to throw an elbow šŸ˜‰

  14. vintage simple

    It was a great night, indeed..! I was lucky enough to get a pair of blue moss earrings, and came back a couple of days later for a little bird by Diane… AND I just need to keep coming back, see if I can get a set of Lily's earrings and maybe a pillow at Barb's…and then I'll be completely broke. Sigh..!

  15. f2images

    It looks like it was such a blast!! Love everything show, the bird paintings, Blue Moss's jewelry, and the Flowerlicious line….all show stoppers! Wish you all were closer!

    e šŸ™‚

  16. lily pottery

    oh what fun photos and what a good night we had!!! thanks for posting about my flower necklaces!

  17. Hello Lindello

    fuun! i want all those things! oh my those bird paintings are gorgeous.

  18. our little love nest

    Those photos are so gorgeous. I am so jealous of everyone there. I feel the sadness with Michelle. We fully wanted to be there and ended up running a little low in the budget this month due to paying out for our American permanent visas and a few other unexpected things…ergh. I feel like we will never get to Greenville. Hopefully soon. xoxo

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