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I always love a well designed piece that is functional and affordable, and so….I thought I would give you a heads up on a couple noteworthy pieces. This light from IKEA and basket from Target have successfully made it into my shopping cart….and therefore my home.

I specifically love the cord detail on the clamp light. I am a huge advocate of the fact that details are so important, and love that this cord is a black and white fabric cord vs a plain black plastic cord. I also love the touch of gold on the neck of the lamp. To me, these two things set the fixture apart and make it desirable. The 19.99 price tag isn’t too shabby either, and seals the deal.

The basket is also on sale at Target right now for 19.99, and you just can’t go wrong with a soft jute basket. {remember this post about my sisters house?} My first jute basket purchase influenced by my sister has successfully been made!

{p.s. my friend Jennifer went to IKEA yesterday and bought me two of the fig plants as well! They are a really good size and super affordable at 12.99 ea}

Happy shopping!



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  1. ikea “plants” are the ONLY kind i can keep alive. well-chosen. 🙂

    • Barb Blair

      Hallie, I am not the best at house plants, but I am sure going to try to keep them alive…and also keep my kitties from eating them. So far the only thing they wont touch is cactus :} I really hope we can get past this plant eating stage because I want live green plants in my home! Hah!

  2. sarah

    ooh. love both. was just telling my hubby that i needed a trip to ikea soon. we got a fiddle leaf fig from country boys not too long ago, and it’s putting out it’s first new leaf…..they love love tons of light.
    the price there wasn’t bad either….30 for a 4′ plant!

    • Barb Blair

      Sarah, They are goodies, right? IKEA always has such treasures……have you ever purchased their fun paper napkins? I always stock up when I am there! I love all of the pretty colors and patterns. Thank you for the tip on the fiddle leaf fig, I will make sure they get lots and lots of light! These are about 2 ft tall { much bigger than the picture} so it sounds like the price point for yours is spot on. I had just heard so many people talk about how expensive they were, so when I saw them for 12.99 I was pleasantly surprised!

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