eye poppin good!

I have for you an artist today who inspires me in more ways than one!! I had come across a project of hers before of the yellow bird painted on fabric, and tore it out, visited her website and all the rest…… THEN last night while doing some serious magazine research I see that she has a fabric line out and it completely blows me away!! The color and graphics are just gorgeous, the photos are breath taking ( at least for me), and the most amazing thing of all to me as a mom of two is she is a mom to FIVE!! Wow, wouldn’t I love to sit and pick her brain for a while on that!!:) Well, you all enjoy this and visit annamaria here , or her website .

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  1. julie (jane's apron)

    I just discovered her from the same magazine. And am so happy I discovered your blog from Vintage Indie.

  2. carissa... brown eyed fox

    i love her marketing shot… “eye poppin” goodness indeed!

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