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It’s time for checking your list twice and great gift wrapping!! I just purchased these random number tags and thought I’d share a shop chock full of super greatness when it comes to tags!!

Speaking of checking your list twice ……don’t forget to enter to win in the GIVEAWAY CONTEST!! The contest ends Sunday at midnight!! Have a wonderful weekend my friends! 🙂 xoxo

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  1. blue moss

    all amazing…..one of each please!

  2. Heidi Jo

    I didn’t know whether to respond back to you on my site or yours, so here I am. : ) Yes, I’ve heard of Antioch. I’m not familiar with it, but I know it’s nearby and I’m sure I’ve driven through it from time to time. What church is your dad pastoring at? And very cool about your inspiration trip and that you are a NorCal girl! It’s so fun to find things in common with people in the blog maze! I’m glad to be in contact with you.

    I just saw that Lily is your studio partner. I don’t recall how I learned of either of you, but I had no idea you guys were linked. I was showing my hubby Lily’s pottery and your furniture, then saw the mag cover on your flickr and was like “wow- no way!” Ha ha… it was quite the discovery for me apparently. Very cool.

    Anyway, have a blessed weekend!!

  3. Design Lovely

    These are great. I love your blog and your website is phenomenal!

  4. knackstudio

    Hey girl,

    Yes, the bog land is too cool isn’t it!!:)

    My dad pastors heritage baptist church ……. he has been there for almost 30 years! they will be retiring in about a year and a half and moving back this way!

    Lily, and I were indeed studio partners and then we both needed more room ….so she is still in the same building , but two doors down! There are 4 of us total in Flatiron Studios ….. it’s so great!

    You have an awesome weekend as well! xoxo

  5. please sir

    Great picks – love the last set!

  6. ellie

    those number tags are awesome!

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