The carnival was in town this week, and last night we went and partook of the sparkly goodness! Nothing like a good old fashioned carnival to get the creative juices flowing…..and a little matterhorn never hurt either.
…capturing these shots, and the fun times…. made my week….hands down
Have a great weekend you all!

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  1. Yellow Elm

    fun!! I've been driving past it everyday and wanted to go, at least for some fun pictures.

  2. Retro Restyling

    These pictures bring me back to the days when I was a little girl. I would search for them every summer in the parking lots of shopping centers they always frequented. Glad you had a great time and the pictures of the lights are cool. 🙂

  3. JustPlainVintage

    Crazy amazing photography! Wonderful shots, great colors. Love looking at all of it. Thank you.

  4. Good Time Charlie

    Those are beautiful, childhood happy memory inducing pics. Looks like you had a great time. My favorite part of carnivals now is the people watching. Whoa, even when the "carnival" comes to my little humble town, I have NO idea where all these strange, (I mean interesting) looking characters suddenly emerge from. I secretly think there is a huge subculture of people that follow carnivals from one town to the next, and I don't mean the carnies that work them. The people who attend them! How else can you explain so many large people, dressed in so little clothing, with let's say, interesting dental situations?

    Happy Easter, I should be more Christ like and look on the inward man, (but the outward man is so darn entertaining sometimes, especially at carnivals!)

  5. knack

    thanks guys! carnivals are always such an interesting place to visit….:)….but good times were had , and I really enjoyed taking photographs, eating cotton candy, and listening to the screams and laughs of the hubs and kids as they rode all of these crazy rides!


  6. from my front porch...

    Just gorgeous!!!!
    Thank you so very much for coming by and leaving that sweet comment!
    I hope you will stop by often and *feed your horsey lust*!!
    xo, misha

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