eat it

I scored this table from a restaurant that closed nearby, and didn’t know about painting it because of how the leaves slide in and out from underneath…… I was worried about the finish getting really torn up.

I stared and pondered for a few days and this is what I came up with. I already had the fabric for the recovering of the seats and felt like it went perfectly with my style of mixing a little traditional with a little modern….. I love it so much I want to eat it! Seriously….

have an awesome day ! xoxo

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  1. SimplyGrove

    What a great find!! I want to eat it too!!!

  2. erin

    this is great! daily inspiration!

  3. Dee Larson

    YOU amaze us! Once again visually inspired.
    thanks, 🙂
    Looking forward to April!

  4. skB

    hmmm…I’m so rethinking keeping my matching table to this:)

    I love it!

    I told a funny on you today on my blog. . .and thanks for the tips that you gave stevie:)

  5. pink olive

    omg, you are totally making me want to eat it too. i LOVE it! 🙂
    you continue to amaze me girl..

  6. Katie Runnels

    Genius solution Barb!! Love the fabric too! xo

  7. Rachel

    I love it! You have the best ideas, seriously.

  8. Hello Lindello

    This look wonderful! I love the seats too! Its a perfect mix of new and old. My favorite kind.

  9. mayaluna

    fabulous idea! I love how you think!!

  10. Jennifer DeDonato

    This is wonderful!! You get major scores!

  11. paperlust

    love the type!

    i am about to try my first furniture makeover endeavor, and i am thinking fondly of all your pieces as i plot and plan… thanks for the inspiration!

  12. homesweet

    great companion piece to you number furniture!

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