easy elegance………

……I have been wanting this book for several weeks….and I finally have it in my possession!

Everyone always asks me what I call my style…and I never know what to say! I always throw out words like urban, eclectic, industrial ,vintage,found…etc. but when I first laid eyes on this book I knew I had found what I could completely agree with both in word and pictures……..easy elegance … “not so much a design style as a way of life. It’s a chic but relaxed look that rejects prescriptive style rules in favour of a more personal approach to decorating. Comfort, simplicity, function and individuality are the key ingredients of the look, and the result is a home that’s warm and welcoming, yet versatile and smart.”

Perfectly said….now feast your eyes and run out and buy this book! xo

Oh..and p.s. tell me if you think I’m right……….

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  1. vintage simple

    I lovelovelove Atlanta Bartlett (and David Coote — did you know they're married? I didn't realize until recently. They are the dream team as far as design goes, I think!). I have the "At Home with White" and it's beautiful too…. Also, on a slightly different note, I posted a couple of your pictures today on vintage simple (with links back to knack, of course)… I hope that's okay — just let me know….
    I think I may have to get this book. I love their style!

  2. Angela Henrie

    Easy elegance…I like it! Great looking book. I think I'll go find it for myself!

  3. our little love nest

    Will have to check it out. The photos are gorgeous!! xo

  4. SimplyGrove

    I love getting a great book!!! And this one looks lovely! xx

  5. Rachel Follett

    Oh how lovely! I might need to get this as well. That glass door is really pretty!

  6. spilling beauty

    just look at those lush colors and textures..i could linger here all day..maybe i should go buy the book too.
    thanks for the inspiration (as always!)

  7. Melissa de la Fuente

    Hey…that's what I think I would call my approach to decorating too.Thanks! Now, I think I need to run out and buy this book too! πŸ™‚
    ps it has been lovely having you over at ML πŸ™‚

  8. knack

    I'm telling you all….you will love this book! It is just really pretty and inspiring and ….well done! Hope you enjoy! πŸ™‚

  9. *plum*tree*studio*

    i love those pictures!! easy elegance, i can totally see that…but i agree with all the others you named…vintage..found…industrial..you are a mixture of all of them..i love it!

  10. pink olive

    my dream house… i love every shot! gorgeous!! πŸ™‚

  11. j.US.t chatter

    i just bought 2 magazines the other day… i'm gonna need to grow my 'magazine budget' if you keep postin' little treasures like this. 'easy elegance'- so many different ways to make this your own. =)

  12. Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk

    Easy + Elegance = Brilliant. Describes the Bar style perfectly. You know this is right up my alley–must add to my wish list {and vocabulary}.

  13. Amanda Nicole

    Oh wow, such amazing arrangements! Instant love.

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