danielle thompson

here is another one of my very talented friends from the year of color blog { are you sure you don’t want to join?} ….I can’t even tell you the eye candy that thrills my little eyes when I’m there. Kari has done a fantastic job of putting together a bang up list of features and artists!

Today I was visiting and Danielle Thompson had her photographs featured ……… I about came out of my seat! The color and styling are PERFECTION! I only wish I could get miss Danielle here from AT to do a shoot with my furniture!! {fingers crossed!} xo

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  1. Kristin

    Wow – those photographs are stunning!

  2. Heidi Jo

    I love Danielle’s photography. Her photos are so candy-colored. They always make me happy. : )

  3. Pure Green

    My goodness! These photos look like they’re from the land of fairytales! They have such an ethereal quality. I love them! The one with the butterfly is my favourite.

  4. mayaluna

    I’m a fan! Her photos always make me smile and feel like I’ve just eaten a piece of chocolate:)

  5. The Eclectic Curio...

    yummy turquoise bowl! love it!

  6. knackstudio

    yay for danielle!! i love the comments you all left me…. so colorful! you all are the best!! xoxo

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