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  1. chunky girl

    Call me a copy cat but I just had to go buy the same pic!
    Love London; love the eye; couldn't resist… 🙂

  2. our little love nest

    WOW! Love those photos! They simply make me happy and what an incredible way to help with Haiti! Love it! xoxo

  3. dandelion daydream photography

    Thank you so much for doing a post on my photography/blog! it has been so fun getting to know you too! woohoo yay for blog friends!

  4. This Lovely City

    Isn't she amazing?! Her photos are stunning and dreamy. I'm in awe of her generosity to help those in Haiti!

  5. vintage simple

    That's awesome. Love that photograph and what a great way to help out! I'm off to check her etsy shop… Thanks for letting us know, Barb!


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