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  1. skB

    where did you find this great photo from Nanny’s house? ? ?

    {that’s what it reminds me of:}

    . . .but I DO like it!

  2. knackstudio


    All I can say is……… I love your “soften the blow approach” when commenting on my blog!!

    Love ya sis!! Xoxo

  3. skB

    You stop it right now! I was totally joking. . .and it really did remind me of Nanny. . .she was a pack-rat but had it organized so nicely:)

    you’re naughty.

    I love your comments on my blog. . .oh wait, you don’t comment on my blog. hahahaha!!! 🙂

  4. Heidi Jo

    craziness! I like it but could never live with it in my house. But if you are looking for crates and are in NorCal- my uncle is an apple farmer and has a bunch! : )

  5. knackstudio

    hey miss heidi ……. oh how I wish I were in Northern Ca to get some crates!! I have looked everywhere here for them!! I may just have to send my parents to get some for me:)

    AS for my super naughty sister …….. we have given each other great laughs today ……. fun …… oh and I’m on my way over to your blog to leave a comment!! (wink , wink)

  6. Munted kowhai

    crates are the best! i like taking crates when i go camping but apartment therapy makes them look even better inside the house!

  7. Project Ecoart

    Organized, organic, madness…love it!

  8. Celine

    I like crates too…I’ve recently been considering adding them into a kitchen island for a client as ‘drawers’, to give a charming, rustic look.

  9. knackstudio


    that is an awesome idea! I’m enjoying your blog!:)

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