clarity is a good thing…

Just a little chat from me to you …….

First of all, 2009 was a fantastic year for knack! I met so many new faces,
had painting projects galore, a book deal, and an installation in times square!
I’m so inspired to keep on creating and transforming! Thank you for being
friends and supporters!

With growth, there comes change. As I poured over the numbers and goals
that I have for knack, it became apparent that a little bit of shifting around
needed to be made in order to accommodate the growth, and continue to
produce the product that you all have come to know and love. My studio
space is limited, and because of the huge messes that I tend to create it
became harder and harder to stop production and set everything up for
First Fridays. So, I have decided knack will not be open For First Fridays
this year……BUT…. I will be doing a show in the Spring, and a Fall event
when the Design Sponge book comes out. Stay tuned for more details
to come!
There are still plenty of ways to get your hands on some knackage! If you
are local, you can visit Antiques on Augusta daily or make an appointment
to pop by the studio during the week. For those of you who live out of state,
you can visit my etsy shop to purchase your piece and have it delivered to
your front door!
I look forward to helping each and every one of you create beautiful, inviting
spaces that tell your personal design story in 2010!
Barb Blair/ Knack
*photo by getz creative

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  1. skB

    love the gloves, the shoes, the necklaces…..

    and, oh yes, most of all, the person wearing them;-)

  2. *plum*tree*studio*

    what a great picture!! what an exciting year of change as well! super excited for you!! can not wait for the book to come out!! go knack!

  3. jan

    Love your picture. I wish you all good things to happen. You deserve it. You are one of my favorite ladies. Love you……….Janet

  4. erin

    you are too cute! wishing you a 2010 to rival 2009!

  5. Julia

    By the way, you are so, so cute!

  6. Teal

    Looking good hot Mama!! Glad you've found something you enjoy soo much!! Take care!!

  7. Katie Runnels

    You look awesome, Barb! Whatever you're up to is agreeing with you! Good for you-taking care of business!
    Taking care of yourself! I need to learn this lesson! xxoxo Hope I can make it to your open houses!

  8. A Perfect Gray

    Smart gal to look ahead, plot your path and make needed adjustments. Bravo.

    LOVE the new photo. They totally Getz ya.

  9. Rachel • cREaTe

    always nice to refocus. as much as we all WANT to, the reality is that we can't do IT ALL. and … i can't imagine having to clean up every week! yikes … i think i clean up my work space bi-annually. 🙂 ha i wish you all the best with all your upcoming events!

  10. Courtney

    Congrats on a great year! Hard to imagine it can get better….but I bet it can!

  11. our little love nest

    So happy to hear this. That sounds like a super plan for 2010. Will be praying for loads of good things to come your way. I love the shop!! Wishing you the best, friend!! xoxo
    p.s. That is the best photo! It captures your spirit.

  12. vintage simple

    Love the photo and the clarity that has come with it, dear! 2010 is going to be a wonderful year for you!


  13. elizabeth@shoptwig

    Love the photo! Can't wait to see what Knack has in for store for us in 2010.

  14. Geisslein

    You look so cute – love your style!
    and your work ;o)
    have a lovely weekend!

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