I never cease to be inspired and amazed by the colors of nature. This year my peony bush yielded 5 blooms! I could not believe my eyes when it popped up and I saw those gorgeous round petals about ready to pop….I’m a lucky girl. I literally bury my nose in them every morning , and the aromatherapy is just amazing….
 …and here is a sneakity peakity of my new piece….nature inspired this color combo for sure….and I’ll show you the rest on Monday….I’m so stoked about the stripes…
…love the bright fuschia in these flowers as well, although I don’t know about a bright hot pink piece of furniture for me personally….{I tend to lean more towards the greens and lighter pinks}…but you never know!
Look around today….you are surrounded by color and beauty….don’t let it go unnoticed.

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  1. Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors

    I adore pretty flowers but when it comes to growing plants Im never very succesfully. i planted a couple of roses last year that have started to bloom again but thats about it. I feel very envious when I see these wonderful blogs.

  2. Good Time Charlie

    I am a fanatic about fresh cut flowers, especially ones with scent. You are so lucky you can have Peonies. They no likey where I live. Tons of Roses though! Lovin the stripes. Can't wait to see the rest. Stopping now to go smell my roses.

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