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I have hinted a few times that the winds of change had come a blowin’ for us here at Knack, and I have been waiting for the right time to share a bit with all of you. This storm blew in fast, and was totally unexpected, but I was able to step back and let it blow through me like a tornado…..exposing, cleaning out the cob webs, and ultimately refreshing the course of my business, and passion. Just a few short years ago, something similar to this really rocked my world. Now, I am thankful for the reminder and the memory of this time from the past. A time when I felt angry and afraid. A time where I could not and did not want to see the hand of God at work. I chose instead to try to control things that were never mine to control, and ultimately that led me to a place of turmoil and brokenness. Looking back on that time now… was one of the sweetest times, and a time that I still refer to as the best time of growth for both me personally and for Knack. I wrote my first book during this time, and I focused on what truly brought me joy and it was such a sweet season. Because of that season, this current season was made easier….not easy….but easi-er.

About 6 months ago my landlord called me in and asked me if I wanted out of my lease because there was someone interested in leasing my space. I was completely taken aback as I still had half a year left in my lease and had no desire to move…..ever. After I gathered my wits about me (somewhat) I told him that I was not interested in moving out of the building and would like to continue in my lease. But, I left that meeting with a heavy heart because I knew what it meant. It meant that things were going to change, because now there were people wanting my building and these people were obviously willing to pay more for the space. I thought about it long and hard for a few days, and then I went back to my landlord and asked if I could have first right of refusal when my lease came due and if I could know what the rent would be going up to at the time of renewal. I was told that I could have first right of refusal… and after a couple months I was told what the new lease price would be upon time of renewal. The new lease would be a 50% increase to my current rent. I can’t say that I didn’t know it was coming, but it was still so discouraging to hear. I love 11 Lois Ave. and I never wanted to leave….but this was a huge jump for me and I needed time to think long and hard about a lot of things. This is where I took time to step back, look at what was working/not working, what I love to do, what is best for my family, what is best for the business and began to determine the best next move. Do I suck it up and pay the rent increase because I don’t want to move, especially when I have a new book coming out? Do I open up a beautiful design studio in a fabulous location and get rid of the retail part of the business? Do I keep the same business model with the studio and retail? All of these options were running through my head… and I am thankful for options…but after looking at multiple locations and talking with mentors, family, and local business friends I knew that a move was inevitable and I knew what I had to do and wanted to do. Now, I just needed to find the right location to make this next move a reality.

During all of this, a guy that I knew from college (and who also goes to my church) just happened to buy the building across the street from my current location. He started stopping in every now and again and we would chat about The Village, rents, buildings, and the such. A couple times we talked about me moving into his building but I just did not think it was feasible or possible so I didn’t really think about it a whole lot. A move one street over had to make sense, because otherwise I was just moving to change landlords, and a move of this nature is not something to take lightly. Well, things got serious when I decided to move out of my current location and was looking for spaces outside of The Village. We started chatting more about a move into his building (which is currently gutted and under construction) and after a few weeks the first offer was made, then a counter offer, and then an agreement. So much thought and prayer was put into this decision and it was not one that I came to quickly or easily….but I know it is the right move.

So, I am very excited to announce that Knack is moving! There will still be retail (because I have come to realize that being a shopkeeper is one of my favorite things in the world) and my design studio will be the back part of the building. I am hoping to be able to offer classes in this space as well but that is yet to be determined. One of the most exciting things for me is that I get to design this shop from the ground up and it will be my biggest and grandest before and after project to date! I will share more about the location, new address, before and after pictures, inspiration pictures, and progress pictures as we go along. I plan to take lots and lots of photos and give weekly updates here and on facebook and instagram so that you all can follow along!

This is going to be a huge undertaking and I will need lots of help, so I am thankful for everyone who has already offered to help clean, pack, move, etc. I know that all of Knack’s needs will be taken care of by the awesome community that surrounds me here. There will be a bit of a gap since I have to be out of my current space by January 1 and the new location will not be ready until mid to late March…so we are looking at Pop up options…but we are heavily leaning towards just taking a winter break to focus on construction, the book launch, and all that comes with the move. I will keep all of you updated as to when the shop opening is and all of the special and fun things surrounding that time!

Now, we just have to hope that the city of Greenville approves all of our drawings, paint colors, and plans and that they agree to the huge giant windows that we want to change the store facade to. So many things can change and go right/wrong during construction…. so that is why I am cautiously optimistic about letting out this information but confidently moving forward.

Knowing where things are headed and how exciting this move is going to be definitely makes me feel like celebrating, and I am so excited about the fresh new year and the change it is bringing with it. Hard change, but really good change.

All things for good.





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  1. Janet

    Congratulations and God’s richest blessings!

    • Barb Blair

      Thank you so very much Janet! Such kind and encouraging words…..xo

  2. I’l be praying that everything goes smoothly during the transition! Congrats on the new location. I know you will do awesome things with the new space!

    • Barb Blair

      Thank you SO much Jessica! That means so much, and the prayers are greatly appreciated! xo

    • Barb Blair

      Thanks so much Christy! Its going to be hard to move….but ultimately in the end it will be so much better! xo

  3. Things happen for reason. I know your new space is going to be great. xx

    • Barb Blair

      Danielle, ABSOLUTELY! I believe in that 100 percent! Thank you so much! xo

    • Barb Blair

      Thank you so much Marianne! I have already taken all of the before pictures and I can’t wait until construction starts up and we can start posting before and afters! Woohoo! xo

  4. So excited for you, Barb. It’s awesome to hear how God worked in your heart and life to grow you in preparation for this time. You are such a beautiful reflection of His grace, friend! Excited to watch your journey – and as always, let me know how I can help!


    • Barb Blair

      Thanks so much Jordan! I feel like my business has taught me so much about God, trust, and faith! I have been in a major growth season and it feels good to stretch. My children are the other big huge influencers of my faith! Just you wait! xo

  5. Michele Christian

    You are an inspiration to us all! Thank you for sharing the raw and honesty of your situation. Your heart is beautifully written for us all to read. Much love to you as you go with the winds that are blowing.? we are here and would love to help any way we can.

    • Barb Blair

      Michele, Thank you so much my friend! I will be calling on you to help! Lots of packing and moving in my future! xo

  6. I read the first part of this post holding my breath. That is until I got to the part about your happy news! I am such a huge fan of your work and so excited for what’s to come!

    • Barb Blair

      Thank you so very much Blair! Exciting days are ahead for sure! xo

  7. Anna

    So happy for you Barb!! Can’t wait to see the process.

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