intelligence, confidence, beauty:: quotes

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I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately… and one of them is this very thing. Where is the balance between confidence and ego, and what do both even look like? Sometimes confidence looks like stepping back and letting someone else do what you could do, but they are better at it. Sometimes confidence looks like being still and not needing to say a word. Confidence is patience. Confidence is complete trust. Confidence is humble. Confidence is beautiful.

Ego on the other hand looks a bit different. Ego shouts for all the attention even if you were not responsible for what brought that attention. Ego is demanding. Ego is impatience and false urgency. Ego is often not based on truth but rather perceived “truth”. Ego is extremely defensive and seeks justice. Ego is prideful and ugly.

I want confidence. And, I not only want the characteristics of confidence in my own life…but I want to instill confidence in others as well.

Confidence is greater than ego.

winds of change :: let them come

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The winds of change are blowing strong and hard around here. I have felt their soft urges for the last year, and sometimes, these urges of change can bring fear, doubt and insecurity. But, the cool thing about the winds of change is that they also allow you to stand still….to feel the strong wind blowing through your hair and across your face… to let those winds also stir up your soul, and blow out the cobwebs that have taken over in the forgotten places of joy and movement.

Be open to stepping forward when change comes, and not only stepping forward…. but stepping forward with confident steps.

Much love,

Barb Blair

the eyes are the window to the soul :: learn to see

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I ran across this quote recently and thought it was so good. It is so cool to have people in our lives who can see and hear beyond our words. People who see that the light has gone out of our eyes, people who can hear the difference between what we are saying and what we really want to say.

It is also really cool to be THAT person. To be the person who can see and hear when those you love need extra hugs, words of affirmation, extra time, permission to be sad, a bag of groceries, a cup of coffee…….the truth spoken in love.

….the days are fleeting, and only what we invest in others will truly last. Take the time to truly see others….to hear them…and to love them.



patience in anger :: peace and deep breaths

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The older I get, the more and more I realize how true …..and ultimately peaceful this concept is. When I am really riled up, I can tend to be a hot head and I definitely speak my mind! What is in my mind ….should not always come out immediately though.

As I deal with frustrating situations with my children or spouse, weird people, unfairness, irresponsibility on my part as well as others, loss, change….or whatever it is….I am learning that it is totally ok to say “I need a moment” or “I need to go work for a bit until this anger subsides”.

If I compare the two instances side by side, I always regret the heat of the moment things that are said…..but when I have taken time to step back, think, pray, and try to understand the situation it always ends in a completely different way…..and in a way that I am much more peaceful about.

Take that moment.



work to do

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This is going to be a raw and real moment between you and I.

I am known for speaking my mind, for being passionate, for taking risks, for not holding anything back….and all of these things are good and have their place….but like I have always told myself and others….strengths are also weaknesses….and we need to learn to exercise the strength side more than the weakness side.

This quote literally hit me in the depths of my soul. What if my words were tattooed all over my body? Would I be a thing of beauty to look upon? Or would I want to hide from others…. to cover every inch of my skin with layers of clothing because my words are so putrid and ugly?

I am striving (boy am I striving) to let my words always be seasoned with power, love, and intentionality…..but there are many days where I utterly fail. Thank goodness for grace and the fact that my words are not permanently engraved upon my skin.

I’ve got work to do.



hope over fear

Screen shot 2015-02-04 at 9.20.24 AMThere are times in life where fear can make us feel desperate and hopeless. We grasp for control, which we think is security and freedom, only to find that it brings a cage of bondage and despair.

Hope is a powerful thing, and wills the mind to overcome adversity. When you talk to your soul, what are you telling yourself? Are the thoughts of fear, inability and insecurity winning? Or, are you propelling yourself forward with thoughts of courage and hope?

Turn fears and disappointments into opportunity for good….and set your mind on this: hope over fear.