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hatfiled4 hatfield1 hatfield2 hatfield3 hatfield5We are so excited to share the very first Knack stories post with all of you! We can’t think of a better way to start, than with the Hatfield home! “Miss Jewel” is a very special piece that belonged to Angie’s grandmother and she always kept her pistol and panties in the top drawer! We have had many a laugh together about all of this and the Hatfield family has several pieces total in thier home. {as well as a couple mirrors and accessories.} Here is how the Hatfield family feels about living with Knack:

” Fortunately, and unfortunately in some ways, my little family has had the opportunity to move multiple times over the past 10 years.  We were blessed to  land in wonderful cities we briefly called “home”. Being a nomad has its perks, such as meeting awesome people like Barb at Knack.  My love affair with Knack started about 7 years ago.  I was at a design crossroads, a place I have returned several times over the course of the years.  My home is my little sanctuary, and I agonize, and contemplate each little piece, and how it will fit into my design environment.  Over the years my style has twisted and turned, but each Knack piece has always made its way into my design plan. Knack pieces are like the “awesome accessories” you add to the overall outfit.  Each item is a little work of art, making a statement…. look at me, linger over my cute knobs, open my drawer for a fun paper surprise.  I have had Barb “Knack” new items, and old.   My favorite piece is probably my grandmother’s antique dresser Barb transformed.  It went from a nice, normal, family item, to a spectacular beauty with attitude, and a story.  Jewel has style, and moxie! She always gets compliments wherever she strikes a pose:  the guest bedroom, in the front entryway, or smack in the middle of the hub of the family chaos, where she currently resides. For me my Knack pieces evoke emotion.  They take me back to a wonderful time in my life in Greenville, South Carolina, to the perfect punch of color needed in the blizzard like conditions I sometimes endured in Chicago, Illinois, to the perfect sunny spot in Atlanta, Georgia.  They make my house, my home no matter where we are.  To have a Knack piece is to have a little piece of happy surrounding you all the time. “

…and there you have it! Live with what you love and surround yourself with happy! Thank you so much Angie for your support, and for all of the love! We love you, and are thrilled that you choose Knack!

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living with :: Constantia

Knack Collage

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Our driftwood desk, Constantia, is a thing of beauty with her deep dark wood peeking through layers of milk paint and her burnished brassy octopus handles.  She’d feel right at home among these found and fashioned treasures. From a vintage faux bois desk organizer to catch all our desk essentials, to signage that reminds us that we’re able, this is a space we’d be happy to work in.

How would you style Constantia in your home?

Monday Memories

Monday7 Monday1 Monday3 Monday2 Monday4 Monday8 Monday5 Monday6 Monday9

I have been hard at work in the studio prepping and painting pieces of furniture for book 2, completing photo shoots, organizing and nailing down locations for the styled shoots, gathering props, and designing. It has been extremely busy, but so exciting! The furniture designs that I have dreamed up for this book are really special to me and it is so rewarding to see them come to life.

Tomorrow is a really exciting day, and marks a whole new chapter for Knack! Angie Thompson, who has been working with me part time {on weekends and special events} for the past year and a half, will start her full time job as Knack’s store manager and creative assistant! I cannot even tell you how excited we both are to start this next chapter for Knack and we very much look forward to the weeks, months and years ahead! This is one of those moments I have dreamed about for a very long time….and during this exciting transition time… mind can’t help but wander.

These furniture memories featured here today are all from 2011/2012……and it is always so cool for me to look back…..while looking forward. I hope you enjoy these memories….maybe some of you remember these when they were brand new….maybe these are completely new to some of my new friends and readers……..but I hope that these photos inspire you and put a smile on your face today.

I know my smile can’t be erased off my face at the moment……




Meet Lagertha

lagertha1.jpg lagertha2.jpg lagertha3.jpg Lagertha4.jpg Lagertha5.jpg lagertha6.jpg

I know that I am a day late getting this post up……but Paige and I had a photoshoot for the book all day yesterday….and those days take everything I have physically, mentally and creatively. I put 100 percent of my time there…and then crash when the day ends. It is so worth it though… exhaust yourself creatively in this way. The reward in the end is satisfaction indeed.

Even though I am working fervently on book projects…I make time for my other projects as well, and miss Lagertha is my newest furniture makeover to hit the shop floor….today actually. She is tall and proud….sturdy and strong….and neutral with a hint of playful, due to her colorful peach knobs.

Lagertha turned out so beautiful, and this color never stays on the floor too long…so I expect her to be headed out soon. I will enjoy her until then….and be happy for the new life that is about to begin for this one.

p.s. what about those whale tale book ends? I have a new collection of hand carved whales, and these book ends, made by a retired gentleman in North Carolina. I really love how special his work is, and am proud to have it at Knack!



Cream and Navy Stripes + Brass bunny = “Franchon”

franchon1 franchon2 franchon3 franchon4

When one of my pickers brought this little piece to the shop to see if I was interested in purchasing her, I instantly fell in love with her size, shape and detail.

The character of Franchon is just so sweet and perfect. The round and soft curves, the little stacked feet, the drawer, the shelves, the side slots. Franchon packs quite a bit of storage and design in her small frame…..and I decided to celebrate that with four inch cream and navy stripes.

The brass bunny head knob has been calling my name for months now, and I knew that it would be the final detail needed to complete this design. Of course, the gorgeous flowers created by Julie Dodds of Willow Florals make this situation fresh and beautiful. When Julie walked in the door with this arangement, my stomach literally flip flopped…..and my soul groaned….literally…I am not just saying that. Fresh flowers….especially ones as diverse and colorful as this…..really make me joyful. You will be seeing lots more of Julie’s work, as she is the floral stylist for Knack book number two! Yay!

I hope all of you are well……and enjoying Spring break, or whatever it is that this week holds for you!

{p.s. Franchon is available for sale at the shop…..but if she doesn’t get snatched up this week….she will find a home with me. This one is tugging at my heart}



Spring colors and triangles for a coffee table named “Elusine”

FrogTapebeauty frogtapebeauty2

It is definitely Spring, and I cannot even tell you how her colors have inspired this piece of furniture. The blooming trees, the green green grass, and the many flowers opening their faces to the sun have me very inspired.

Remember when I lamented a bit about the Pantone color of the year being radiant orchid? I am not a huge fan of purple in any shade…but I was determined to find a way to use it my work…and at the same time stay true to the Knack aesthetic. In this coffee table design, I use radiant orchid not once…but TWICE! Once in its original state, and then I added a little somethin’ somethin’ {white paint} to create a little lighter shade. I absolutely love the color palette of pink, orange, lavender, gold, and orchid, and this palette was completely inspired by a bouquet of Ranunculus flowers I purchased a couple weeks back.

I think it is fun, yet again, to combine the hard edges and points of the geometric triangles with the feminine and curvy lines of this sweet table. The perfect pairing if you will.

I used FrogTape® to create the custom triangle designs on top of the table, and there is a full step by step “how to” up on the FrogTape blog here! If you decide that miss Elusine needs to come live with you, she IS available for purchase at Knack! {and if you freakin’ love the dish towel hanging on the wall, {me! me!} you can get that at Knack too!} We are all about some goodness for the home around here!

Hope you enjoy!



logosmallI received compensation to complete this project for using FrogTape® products. All opinions, projects and ideas are based on my own experience.

A fantastic desk named “Constantia”

driftwooddeskconstantia1 constantia2 constantia3 constantia4 constantia6This my friends….is the girl I have been telling you about. I knew she had it in her, but it took me a few tries to get her ……perfect.

After tearing through layers of warped veneer, {to reveal gorgeous planked wood}, two coats of primer, four coats of milk paint, three coats of poly, and two coats of Danish oil on the top…….she is ready to rock and roll!

I think back on the hours and hours that this piece took to complete…..and they seem to just fade away, as the lens tells a whole new story of transformation and redemption.

I love my job, and this truly brings me joy! Speaking of joy….Matt Ayers and Sam Windell of Traveling Storytellers shot a makers video on me last week. If you would like to check it out, click here! These guys creatively directed this film, and I love that they honed in on the important things: Family, passion, joy and hard work!



Sometimes, Love Hurts

desk1desk3 desk2I was really hoping, hoping, hoping…..that I would have a beautiful new finished piece for you today. Unfortunately, that was not in the plans. {Boo!} I have been working on this desk for three weeks now. Not three weeks solid….but a few days a week….for three weeks. Typically this type of piece would be completed in one week, but there have been so many hidden issues with this piece. It has been complete crazy town….and honestly… if I had known the hours of work it was going to take, I would have left it with my supplier.

However, I am all about redemption, and seeing the lovely in the unlovely. Sometimes you get a piece, and its hidden secrets are crazy scandalous…..but no matter how far gone it seems….it can always be fixed….there is always hope. It totally depends on if you are willing to put in the time and do hard things. I am in it to win it, baby!

The entire top of this piece and all of the veneered drawer fronts had to be torn off. I tried using glue and clamps before tearing off…but it was too far gone. What I found underneath the existing two layers of veneer, was this amazing solid pine wood that is absolutely gorgeous. I stripped the wood on the top to remove all of the glue and gunk left over from the veneer. I sanded, primed {two coats due to redwood tannins}, and painted two coats. I wasn’t quite happy with the finish, but wanted to get her done, so I went ahead and applied one coat of poly. Well……

When I get into the studio tomorrow morning…..I will be sanding this desk down again and repainting it a brand new color. I know it may sound crazy….but it is what it is, and it has to be this way in order to be right! The new plan will leave me 100 percent satisfied, and I can’t wait to share this desk with you next Monday. Warning you though….the name will be a DOOZY! How could it not be with all that has been put into it?

Sometimes things take more time, but it is always worth it in the end. This lovely desk will make someone’s room very happy one day soon, and that is why I do what I do here at Knack!

I have a sweet chair makeover coming up on Thursday as well! We used two fabrics from the new Sweet as Honey fabric line and are excited to be a part of the blog tour!

I also have the first day of shooting for Knack book #2 this week as well! {Woot! Woot!} I am bursting with pride over the amazing team that has come together for this book, and am so stoked about the content that will be produced! I will introduce you to everyone very soon……and I want you to know that I fully intend to write and produce another #1 best seller! Off we go!

Exciting times. Busy times. Good times.

Thank you for being here with me.



A little deep blue jewelry chest

furniturechest1 jewelrychest2 jewelrychest3

I purchased this little tiny furniture piece, which just happens to moonlight as a jewelry box, a few months ago. I thought it was adorable, and I personally had not come across one quite like it before.

I got busy doing other things, and this little one was forgotten on a shelf…..until….I spotted it last week and thought “it is surely time to make this piece new”….and off I went.

Of course it’s brilliant blue, {because I LOVE that} and I was going to list this little lovely in the shop….but it was snatched up on Friday as soon as I put it on the showroom floor.

P.S. all of the amazing jewelry in these photos is by my friend Lily Wikoff of Lily Pottery, and can be purchased online here.

Stripes and ships on a little nightstand named “Watts”

wyatt1 wyatt2 watts3 wyatt4This lovely little nightstand belongs to my client, and it came from her grandmother. It had a broken back leg, which I fixed, and the way that it looked unpainted was not a right fit for the environment it was needed in. So, we talked……came up with a grand plan of action and off I went to work some magic.

This nightstand will be living between two beds….in a condo by the beach! Doesn’t it look like a beach bum, ships and all? What a life! Fresh and new, and ready to make memories for more generations and families yet to come!

I love what I do! It is so exciting to see things transformed, and made fresh.

Enjoy the beach, Watts!