A Modern Tape Treatment Using FrogTape®


blue1 blue2My second post for FrogTape® is live! I took an armoire, painted the base in blue milk paint and then chose army green, pink, and gold latex paints to add a stripe pattern to the doors. The brass octopus knobs are bangin’…..and round out the design very nicely!

The full tutorial is here on the FrogTape blog, so check it out….and this armoire is available for sale in the online shop here, as well as our brick and mortar shop on Lois Ave.!




Basic CMYK

I received compensation to complete this project for using FrogTape® products. All opinions, projects and ideas are based on my own experience.

Milk Paint and Knobs Are Here

knoborangeandgreenmelon knobpinkglasscenter knobredfloralunderglass milkpaintbarnred milkpaintdriftwoodI know I talked about lots of exciting changes and happenings around here in my post a few weeks ago….but I thought I would let you all know that a couple of those happenings are tangible….and here!

Milk paint is in the shop, and online here  As well as…… the first selections of knobs and hardware! You can stop by the shop, or purchase in the online shop here. Yippee!

Hope you all are having a great Wednesday!



Organization, and how it gives me creative powers

studio2 studio3 studio4 studio5 studio6 studio7 studio9 studio10At the beginning of the year, I showed you the good the bad and the ugly while cleaning out my studio. I had let things get out of hand, and it was time to reign it back in. For me, a clean organized space really, truly gives me creative powers. Things have progressed quite nicely since this last post. My work shop is a work horse……so I try to maintain a balance of pretty but yet still highly functional…because let’s face it, it will be dirty as soon as I turn my sander on.

I talk about my organization habits in a little more depth with Heather Powers over on her blog HK Power Studio. Check it out!

…..and I don’t know about the whole “cleanliness is next to godliness” type thought process…..but it does feel heavenly indeed to have a place for everything and everything in its place .



A fun project with wooden bowls and FrogTape®

FrogTapeBeauty3FrogTapeBeauty1 FrogTapeBeauty2Well, my first official project with FrogTape® is up, and I could not be more excited about how these wooden bowls turned out!

I have been saving these bowls for months…specifically for this project and am so glad they are finally here in the flesh! I used FrogTape, hemp oil, and old fashioned milk paint in my favorite colors. I even threw in a Knack custom milk paint color. How do ya like that? That blue that you see…is all me, and a new favorite of mine!

Head over to the FrogTape® blog for the full tutorial, and my step by step instructions for this project! Let me know what you think! Oh, and the gorgeous flowers in this post…..those are by Julie Dodds of Willow Florals…..dreamy, right?!

If you would like for one…{or all}… of these bowls to come live with you, they are available here at the shop and in the online shop {right here!} as well!



Basic CMYKI received compensation to complete this project for using FrogTape® products. All opinions, projects and ideas are based on my own experience.

This snowy day makes me happy about new candles

POMMES FRITES teakwood&tobacco-3 amber&moss-1 campfirespecial - brightall photos via P.F. candle CO

Here in SC we have had snow all day today, and are expecting more snow, ice and wind tonight. They say we may get 6-10 inches, which is almost crazy for these parts. It usually does not get so wintery around here…but we have had our fair share of frigid this year……

I love the chill of a snowy day. Not the chill of outside, {although that can be fun too} but the chill of being inside, warm drinks, staying in pajamas all day, reading good books, and movie marathons. However, it is 6:30 pm and I am just now sitting down to chill . Something got into me today, and I cleaned, vacuumed, organized cabinets, and did laundry! Literally for hours…I worked and worked….but you know what? It makes sitting down with a warm drink, good food, and a blanket all the more rewarding.

You may ask what candles have to do with any of this…….well, I’m getting to that. One of my favorite things…are candles. I love the soft glow of candlelight, I love that candle light means a cozy gathering of friends, a moody evening at home…….or the celebration of a clean house. Do you do that? I mean, the celebratory candle lighting at the end of a long cleaning day……..do you do that? I do.

Candles signify clean, warmth, cozy, sweetness……and I am super excited about this brand new candle line coming to Knack the first week of March! P.F. Candle company, with scents like campfire, teakwood & tobacco, amber & moss, and spruce you just can’t go wrong. I really love that this is a company run by a husband and wife team out of Los Angeles, CA …..and all of the candles are hand poured, soy, and in simple apothecary packaging.

I love candles, yes I do….I love candles how bout you?



It’s Time for Catching Up, and Exciting News

For a few months now, I have been contemplating a few really fantastic opportunities that have come my way. Do you all remember this post on my Facebook page back in October?

blog4……yes, that was October. It seems like just yesterday….so much has happened since then, and I am going to try to shed some light on that statement now that I have some clarity on things. There were so many things happening at one time..literally within days of each other…..I felt like I was in a dream. There were TV scouts calling about a network show {something I have said I would never do…..but was all of a sudden faced with}, there was a second book deal on the horizon, product sponsorships, and writing opportunities. Everything was happening fast, and to be honest ….I was a bit overwhelmed. It was all so exciting, but also very heavy and weighty as well. What was best for my brand? ….and more importantly…what was best for my family?

After lots of talking, planning, organizing, considering, weighing options, and the natural process of elimination, here is where I have landed:

1. I will be writing a second book!! Chronicle Books is amazing and I very much look forward to working with these great people again… and everything this second book will be. I will delve into lots more of my design process, color palettes…..and beautiful, beautiful photographs galore. Get pumped….because I’m super stoked about this project….and before you ask about a release date…..you all know that Chronicle Books are worth the wait….so, I will announce release dates when we get closer to time. For now, I’m writing my second book guys!!!!! A book that I hope will inspire you and make your eyeballs pop out of your head…..let’s party!

2. The TV producers quit calling…and that organically faded away. It wasn’t meant for me…and I’m ok with that. But, I also know how these things work….they will call again …and we’ll see what happens next time. It will have to be a pretty sweet deal to get me on TV. I don’t even like to have my picture taken.

3. I am now a member of the FrogTape® blog Squad! I have loved and exclusively used this tape in my work for years, simply because of how it performs, and because I find it to be superior to other brands. I am super excited about joining the team and blogging about this fantastic product!

blog34. I turned down another writing contract, that would have been a really fun opportunity….BUT, they wanted to retain all exclusive rights to my work. Been there, done that….not doing it again for any amount of money. Never ever give up rights to your work…..ever.

5. As of this month, I am a dealer for Old Fashioned Milk Paint! Again, I have been using this product since the early 2000’s and am happy to be carrying it at Knack. This company, and product have treated my furniture well over the years…and it is time to give it a proper place in my store. Some of you have asked if I will teach classes? do demonstrations? become all about paint? Nope. Nope. and Nope. I teach you everything you need to know about milk paint in my book Furniture Makeovers, and I simply wish to make a product available to you that I use and stand behind. I’m chill like that….but feel free to ask questions….I am happy to answer them.

6. You will see fabric, wallpaper, and drawer liner designs from me this year! I have been talking about designing for some time now…and it is finally going to happen. I am really, really excited beyond words about this opportunity…..and you all better get ready for my design craziness.

So…. as you can see, my plate is full. This is why I have not been painting as much furniture lately {although that is about to change}, and why I have been cleaning and organizing like crazy! Being focused, organized, and ready to go has given me such clarity and new creative direction.

I am so thankful for my family and friends…..for how they coach, support, love and guide me through the many decisions I face…..and a huge thank you to each and every one of you who take time out of your day to come here and read my ramblings, leave me wonderful comments of love and support, and cheer me on in all of my ventures. I appreciate it more than you know and cherish every interaction.

Here we go!



The nature air that filled our lungs and came out in laughter

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset This past Saturday, Jon and I took our kids and a couple of their friends to the mountains for some much needed time out doors. We have had an extremely cold winter so far here in the south, with temps dipping down into the single digits. These temps just do not happen all that much here…..so when we heard that it was going to be in the 50’s and 60’s over the weekend, we planned a day of hiking and exploring.

It was wonderful to be out in nature, listening to the water as it laughs and roars its way down the falls, carrying on with silly conversations, breathing in fresh air, laughing, stretching our muscles, exploring new towns, and celebrating being together.

I brought my good camera along this time so that I could capture more of what I saw. I am so glad I made the call to bring it……it was so wonderful to capture these moments…and the beauty of winter.

Winter sometimes gets a bad rap and is associated with cold, dark, wet, and bleak……but the evergreens, the glistening icicles, the bright green moss, the golden dried grasses, the dappled gray rocks, the charcoal mountains and the leathery wood all beg to differ with those opinions. I believe I agree ….



I have a confession to make…..

milkpaint5milkpaint1 milkpaint2 milkpaint3 milkpaint4…..or maybe it is more of an announcement……but either way…here goes!

I have loved and used Old Fashioned Milk Paint in my work since the early 2000’s. I will never forget the first piece I used milk paint on. {this was back in the garage days} It was a huge armoire, and I chose the color: Sea Green. I read the directions about how to mix the paint, but from there…I totally flew by the seat of my pants. I remember the feeling I got when the paint started to flake and peel away from the piece….”yikes! this is not like latex paint in any way”……and then I also remember thinking “just follow it through girl…you got this!” I have been hooked ever since and have painted hundreds of pieces with milk paint. I don’t even know how many dollars I have spent on milk paint….but it is A LOT…..and it is worth every penny. I still have mad love for latex paint as well, and use it regularly in my work…..but today we are talking about my new ventures with milk paint.

OFMP has been producing milk paint since 1974 right here in the United States of America, and is a family run company. Milk paint is all natural, and environmentally responsible. I love that about this company and product, but even more than that…i can honestly say that after 10 years of  using OFMP paint…. I have yet to be disappointed in a finish. I am so comfortable with this product and can stand behind its results 100%.

Because of my relationship with this company, and my belief in their product…..I am proud to announce, that starting in February, Knack will be an official OFMP dealer! You know what that means? You all will now be able to scoop up a few bags of powdery goodness anytime you visit the Knack shop! Super cool right?! I will be sure to keep the shelves stocked with all of my favorites….I mean your favorites. {wink!} I am really excited to partner with this great company and continue to create finishes that are authentic and beautiful……and that can only be achieved with milk paint.

Upward and onward.



{the above images are from the archives….and some of you may remember the oldies but goodies. All courtesy of milk paint}


Paint color project

paintcolors2 paintcolors3

I have begun the crazy process of “retiring” certain paint colors, choosing new colors for the year, and creating custom colors. I am way behind on having all of the colors painted on the sample balusters… so that they can be seen clearly by both myself and customers when choosing a color palette……but that process is now well under way and I hope to be finished with it by the end of the week.

Yesterday, when I was cutting the balusters down to create more ….I loved the way they all looked stacked together…and so I snapped a couple pictures. This is precisely why I feel like this is important for me…..seeing these colors all together {plus many more to come} just inspires and creates movement for my mind.



I made filet mignon….for real

090922379026c8093cbd32be526b8d91photo by in sock monkey slippers

You all know that I am quickly and steadfastly becoming the chef of my dreams….right? {cough, cough, wink, wink}

Seriously though…..I made some quality filet mignon this week! Filet mignon with cabernet cremini sauce to be exact…and it was so delicious! I think I surprised my entire family…and most certainly myself…..when this dish turned out. I was a nervous wreck because…well…filets are not exactly cheap, and ruining them meant no dinner and a waste of valuable dollars. I wanted so badly for everything to work, and thankfully it did. I followed this recipe by In sock monkey slippers. I can’t say enough about how delicious this recipe is…so if you like a good steak…..don’t just take my word for it…..try it!

I of course used my new pot, and I served asparagus, rolls, salad, and garlic mashed “potatoes” {cauliflower…..I thought it was not possible…but it is!}.

….and I got my filets at Trader Joes. I love Trader Joes.

Bon apetite!

p.s. I did leave out the mushrooms again….:}