Found Goodness: A little flip through preview of my book Furniture Makeovers


I was on Amazon the other day checking out a couple things for my book….Furniture Makeovers.…and I noticed  or rather, found that someone sneaky has now put up a flip through preview of the book! You can skim through several pages and get a small taste of what is inside the book! How cool is that?!

I am just so excited about these next few weeks as Furniture Makeovers will finally be making its way into your homes and hands! Amazon releases Furniture Makeovers in just 12 days!!! WOOT!

I can’t even believe this is happening…..

{All photo credits belong to J.Aaron Greene, and may not be used without permission. Using these photos without permission is a copyright infringement. Please email Aaron or I for photo permission.}



Found Goodness: “Hello” by Little Golden Animals

hello1 hello2 hello3I have a wonderful friend, Angie….. who has started working the shop for me on Saturdays…..and this past Saturday was her first time to work the shop. Angie is a super talented artist, loves people, knows everyone, and is an absolute pleasure to be around!

When I came in bright and early Monday morning of this week…..I found  these happy little golden animals greeting me with their “hellos” ……..gotta love great people!

Totally made my Monday. Thank you sweet Angie!

These little lovelies are for sale in the Knack shop, and I would be happy to put a listing up in the new online shop if you are interested in purchasing! Set of 6 is 12.00.



Found Goodness: A Rug and Some Boots

Screen shot 2013-03-07 at 3.47.04 PM Screen shot 2013-03-07 at 3.47.43 PM

I was digging around in my buddy Trey’s shop last week, and he was attempting to show me several pieces of furniture {which came back to the shop with me!}……but first things first…….I got completely sidetracked by this rug that was folded up in the corner. I started unfolding it and asking at the same time “what is this piece of gorgeousness?”… which Trey replied….”oh, that… a hand looped and bound rug from Iran”……Seriously…..

It now lives in my kitchen……BOOM!

Also, I had to include my latest boot conquest. Zara boots in distressed gold leather…….ridiculously inexpensive due to a friend having two pairs that she found on sale, sale, sale…….

They are now on my feet……BOOM!

Temporal treasures I know……but when said treasures are such good deals….and so beautiful…..



Found Goodness: Ben Shahn, and my wheat print from the Goodwill

wheatfield1 wheatfield2 wheatfield3 wheatfield4

I am super excited to tell you all a story today about a print I found a few weeks ago at a local Goodwill store for $3. It had been an exceptionally great day of finds, and I was on my last stop before having to pick up my daughter from school. I always glance at the pictures and artwork…mainly looking for great frames…so it usually only takes me a few seconds to give them a glance and I am on my way. Well, on this day a particular piece caught my eye ….and it was this one pictured above. I found it incredibly simple yet appealing and tasteful. I loved how the artist added a little bit of geometric modernism to stalks of wheat….and the soft water colors won me over. The brown frame and country pink matte did not win me over however….and I knew I would change that asap. But, I was drawn to this piece somehow…..someway…..and knew it had potential.

I dropped the piece off with my friend Teresa to be framed…..and when I picked it up last week, boy was I ever in for a surprise! The man who framed the piece is an art history buff who decided to look up the piece and see if he could find out more about it. Come to find out….the piece is called “Wheat Field” and is a signed print by the famous artist Ben Shahn. {click on the “Wheat Field” link to see how much my signed print is worth!} If this had been an original it would be worth lots and lots….but as a signed print, it is still not too shabby considering my mere $3 investment. Maybe one of these days I will have it appraised…..but for now I am just happy I picked a winner and will enjoy it being in my home.

Happy hunting! I hope this week brings interesting finds your way! You just never ever know what treasures await!



Found Goodness: Gigi’s washcloths

washcloths1 washcloths2 washcloths3

I have lunch with my Gigi every Thursday at 12:30 and I treasure our time together. Now that my grandpop is retired, he comes along as well and we sit there and eat, laugh, tell stories, and look up crazy new words they write down off the T.V. for about an hour and a half ……..or so :} It is awesome….

Gigi also brings me any treats she has made during the week, and I am hoping she has more of these washcloths today since they have been quite popular at the shop! These are the only washcloths I use in my kitchen and I am a big fan!

Hope you all have a great day today!



Found Goodness: The {dashing} Haberdash Fox

haberdash1 haberdash2 haberdash3

This site is such a fantastic idea…..I love it. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone on Etsy to search for a really great gift for my man….only to get lost in the endless sea of leather wallets and wool socks. Seriously……The Haberdash Fox is a wonderful tool and very well done. I will no longer get lost in endless seas, but rather….. find myself charting through a well navigated course. Of course.

I also really love that The Haberdash Fox was started, and is curated by a couple local guys….. Marco Suarez and Mason Stewart. Here is part of their mission statement:

“The Haberdash Fox is a curated collection of the best menswares on Etsy. Our desire is to encourage people to buy quality vintage and unique goods. We believe the value of vintage goods isn’t solely in their function, but also in their history. We believe using the goods we already have is important for preserving our natural resources and reducing the impact manufacturing can have on our planet. We also desire to support artisan entrepreneurs.”

Go, go Greenville awesomeness! Woot!



Found Goodness: Wallpaper feast

I am always on the lookout for wallpaper to line the drawers of my pieces with….and I had just informed my husband that not only did I need some fresh inspiration….but also my supply was getting low!  So, when I spotted this lovely pile of rolls that were all 2.00 a roll…I swooped….and snap, crackle, pop! Yippee!

My favorite .



Found Goodness: Mr. Whale

I love animal figurines, and I really love whales……. so when I spotted this guy in my travels I whipped him off the shelf so fast it was crazy! Look at how all of the detail is captured!

I just love him….and he is in the etsy shop in case you love him too :}



Found Goodness: It’s furniture, and a jewelry box

Last week while out on one of my gathering excursions I came across this little piece of “freshie fresh”. I mean…..seriously…..I have seen painted jewelry boxes that tend to look like furniture when painted but I don’t think I have ever personally seen an actual PIECE OF FURNITURE  that is also a jewelry box! I know they are out there….and you all will probably say that you have seen them everywhere and they are old news……but I have never had the pleasure of such goodness…..until now.

I could not believe the happiness of this find…and the little velvet lined drawers are in perfect condition. I will probably take the mirror off….just like I do with my big pieces…..and I am itching to change out the hardware but have not decided on that one yet.

I will be sure to reveal the makeover when it is complete!