knack life :: final shoot

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What a week it has been, and it all started off with our final styled photo shoot on Monday!

Monday’s shoot was seamless, a quintessential representation of the creative partnership of these five women.

The locations, for example, have ranged from right here on Knack home turf, to our own homes, to the homes of generous folks around town.  On Monday, we shot first at a charming and idyllic farmhouse – complete with chickens, turkeys, pigs, and bunnies – and were able to bring Audra’s (the homeowner) winning style into our shots.  We then moved on to Jessica’s home, and ended the day at sunset right outside of our very own studio, next to the train tracks and old brick buildings.

This constant change of scenery is emblematic of the lithe nature of this team, and the ease and enthusiasm with which they have taken each turn and interaction during this knack book 2 process.  We have learned, together, to take a vision and carry through to fruition, and that sometimes plans change and you just roll with the punches to the collective beat of the drum.

It’s hard to believe that this creative partnership has come to and end (for now).

#knackbook2 will be here before we know it.  The only thing left to do is celebrate, and wait.

knack life :: shoot day

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As you undoubtedly know by now if you’re a regular reader, our book two deadline is fast approaching, and so our photo shoots as a team are coming to an end.  This seems like a perfect time to let you peek into a day at a styled shoot.

Mondays on set are always whirlwind of heavy-lifting, arranging, re-arranging, errands, photo-taking, heavy-lifting again, collaboration, and laughter.  By 10:30 am, everyone has gathered and gotten down to business carefully unloading furniture pieces and props at the shoot location. From there, the styling team gets to work putting each set-up together, checking angles, getting Barb’s final approval, and moving on to the next set-up.  Paige is always close behind with her camera and her professional eye, getting the shots we need to make book two great.

Wash, rinse, repeat until it’s done (which can range anywhere from 3 to 5:30 pm!)

These photos were taken behind the scenes at our most recent shoot, at the homes of Jennifer Bedenbaugh and Joseph Bradley.  We can’t wait ’til we can show you guys the finished product!


shop knack :: fall faves

gatherpost gatherpost2 gatherpost3


We’ve been heralding fall around here for the past couple of weeks – stringing gilded leaves in our windows, sipping Pumpkin Spice Lattes, picking apples, the whole gamut. This past Tuesday, Fall answered.  Cooler winds are blowing through Greenville, bringing that unmistakeable urge to be with folks you love, to share a meal, to gather.

In honor of autumn’s arrival, we’ve corralled some of our fall favorites from around the shop.

  1. Old Greenville Cutting Board
  2. Gather Sign 
  3. Low Basket
  4. Vintage Handwoven Rug
  5. Skeleton Matches
  6. Beechwood Spoon
  7. Campfire Candle
  8. Buck Hook

knack life :: festivals and fall

knacklife1 bts6 bts5 bts4 bts3 bts2

  1. beautiful new signs from Olive + Grey are getting us in the mood for dinner parties and gatherings
  2.  gilded leaves all around our shop, heralding autumn
  3. our table display at Indie Craft Parade showing off our new tea towels
  4.  a special sofa project
  5. back to work on #knackbook2 with a beautiful tabletop
  6. iconic flag banners hanging over the Indie Craft Parade

behind the scenes :: projects and products

candles candles2 cicada dropcloth flowers light

1 // candles and matches sitting pretty on our mint green desk

2 // new PF Candle scent, Neroli & Eucalyptus, smells like a west coast dream

3 // sketches for an upcoming project

4 // even our workshop drop cloths are fair game for doodles

5 // fresh flowers by Willow Florals for a styled shoot

6 // the light in our shop during a #knackbook2 photoshoot

behind the scenes :: preparations and visitors

blogg1 blogg2 blogg3 blogg4 blogg5 blogg6

1// working on our display for Indie Craft Parade this year (don’t forget — Sept. 12-14 in Greenville, SC!)

2// paint and frog tape make our job FUN

3// glass and candle cubes brightening up our shop

4// Man pillow (or Abe as we call him) making our bed “Viviette” look super sexy

5// curb appeal

6// longtime blog follower Paula and her family popped into the shop this week… all the way from London! It was such a treat.

behind the scenes :: hard work and saturday treats

work1 work2 work3 work4 work6 work7

1// piles of blocks waiting to become candle cubes

2// styling a new frogtape project for photographing

3// intern Tiffany sanding away and sitting pretty

4// new bowls in our shop, handmade by Jennifer at Crave Studio

5// working out the details in the shop with new tags

6// a new Saturday situation – Circa Doughnuts and Vagabond Barista serving coffee and doughnuts in our shop! 

Turning 40 :: Celebrations

knack birthday couponWell you guys… 40th birthday is just around the corner and it is also Independence Day here in the USA this weekend! Two very fun things that are definitely going to be celebrated by me {wink!}…..but here at Knack we want to share the celebration love! So, this little coupon gets you 40% off {forty percent off folks!} one item in the shop. Any item you choose…..including furniture…..but it can only be one item, so choose wisely! You all have been shopping away here at Knack, and we want you to know how much we appreciate your support! Come snag that special item you have been dreaming about! The coupon code for online shopping will be: “40isfun” so….all of our online shoppers… this is for you too!

There are only a few items that are excluded from the sale and here they are : Custom carved whales by Gene Claiborne, Emily Jeffords paintings, and rugs. The “40 is fun sale” will only run THIS Friday July 4th and Saturday July 5th from 10am -3 pm, and you must either print off your coupon {above} or show it to me on your phone to receive the discount!

Come on….let’s celebrate! Sale starts in 47 hours!

Faces to put with names :: Knack Book 2

athens, ga athens, gaA few weeks ago, I wrote this post about the awesome team of women that I am working with on the Knack book two project, and I thought it would be nice to put faces with names.

Here is the lineup from left to right {in the bottom photo}:

Jessica Barley – Styling + Props

Angie Thompson – Knack store manager + all around creative master

Barb Blair {Me} – I do what I do

Julie Dodds – Florals

Paige French – Photographer

There is no ” i ” in team…….and I am so thankful for this.