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  1. blue moss

    love these

    (and i thot for a minute that you took the pics in your studio)

  2. carpenter ant

    these are adorable!

  3. Amanda Nicole

    So cute! I would feel much better if my books were resting on these 🙂

  4. pink olive

    omg, these are amazing! i think i need to see this in person!! 🙂

  5. Munted kowhai

    I saw those! They are super duper cute!my bookends are my book shelves… i just jam them in there until they dont need any ends!

  6. knack

    so glad you all liked these….. I think they are truly a unique idea……


    this girl is in your neighborhood ….. so you can check her out! Let me know if you see them in person! xo

  7. Julia

    What a great idea! They’re so cute 🙂

  8. Meg

    These are just perfect. How lovely for books to have something to rest their heads on after the tiring task of telling stories!

    So thrilled to have discovered your blog 🙂

  9. Heidi Jo

    How great! I am always in need of good book ends. These are so unique and cute!

  10. pink olive

    cool~ will get in touch with her to see if she can drop by my shop 🙂 will keep you post. omg, they’re crackin me up still. they look like little dumplings.

  11. [J]

    I’m crazy about these! I’ve seen them all over Etsy but they’re just bit pricey for me! 🙁

  12. Katie

    ah, so fun! I’m always using random odds and ends as bookends, but I’ve never seen little pillows like this.

  13. Alyssa Zygmunt

    the she is actually a he. his name is jack. he goes to the same ceramic studio as me. there are so many creative people here in NYC! i’m always inspired and in good company.

  14. knack

    Oh my word!! Thank you so much alyssa!! I don’t even know why I put ” she”!!

    Yes you all are a super, super talented bunch!! I want to come see you all when I’m up there next;) tell jack I’m so sorry I called him a girl! Xoxo

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