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  1. vintage simple

    beautiful..! i love that green on the inside — what color is it?

    and btw, the little bird on erin's blog and mine is by horizon records, on the corner of main and stone. šŸ˜‰


  2. our little love nest

    What a gorgeous spot for a sink. I adore the colour of green inside. Mav suits it perfectly. I would name it anyways…psst…no one has to know. šŸ˜‰

  3. Joyce

    a beautiful piece. I'mm glad it is being brought back to life. Enjoy! xoox

  4. Prairie Girl Studio

    more than anything, it's the hardware on these charming old pieces that really pull me in … this will be a beautiful vanity for a sink ~ anxiously awaiting the finished look!
    mav will be marvelous indeed ~

  5. paula

    stunning, I love the look of raw wood.

  6. Amanda Nicole

    That will make a gorgeous sink! Lucky people in the mountains.

  7. Rebecca

    hi it's amazing…can't wait to see it with the sink.

  8. Munted kowhai

    oo mav is going to be a sink cabinet?
    how choice!!
    do you write their names in an inconspicuous place?

  9. Farah

    that would make an interesting sink.hope you post up the pic of the end result. =)

  10. farmhouse wares

    The hardware is amazing. I love the idea of converting it to a sink.

  11. HeddyShea

    I loves it! Now I realize my store bought Lowe's sink just wont do!


  12. Rachel Follett

    Mav is perfect! Beautiful piece and I think it will look stunning holding up a sink.

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