birdette and twenty something…..

I can’t leave out these little guys that I did for the February collection ….. I started these two pieces at the first of the month and then they sat there for a couple weeks awaiting their final mark. Birdette is named for the fabulous paper that she wears on her top {thanks m for letting me steal a snippet!!}….. anything this paper goes on just ends up being delightful!

Twenty something is the first in a number series that I will be doing for next months collection ……. just testing the waters a bit, but I’m smitten and can’t wait to create more number friends!!

Have a terrific Thursday …. xoxo

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  1. jb

    i love the new collection…you are amazing! keep up the great work babe.

    mr. knack

  2. Claire

    Barb, I think the 24 table was made for me! Now if only I had a spot in my house for it. Lol. I love the blue, and 24 is my very favorite number (why’d you pick it to start with)?

    ooooohhhhhhhhh. *swoon*

  3. Pure Green

    wow- birdette is wonderful. I love all your stuff. You’re inspiring me to hit my local re-store and get crazy with paint and sandpaper. Wonderful, as always.

  4. knack

    Hey claire,

    Awwww, I’m so glad you like twenty something!! I can’t wait to do more in my number series! Honestly, the choice of 24 was just ……random…… I liked the way it fit the piece. I am a big fan of numbers and letters so be looking out for more;) xoxo


    Thanks so much you sweet thing;) xoxo back!

  5. liss

    I’m absolutely loving these pieces. Since I can’t come to your store (seeing as I’m on the other side of the country in Oregon) I’ve decided to make my own knackage – a secretary desk. The main problem is choosing which of your lovely stormcloud/slate/wolf greys to use. Thank you for the inspiration!

  6. blue moss

    love it all.. you know i love numbers 🙂

  7. mayaluna

    Stenciled numbers!!! YES!!! Birdette’s tones are delicious. Love what you’re up to!

  8. Jackie

    I have to say I’m really digging your new number piece, and will be waiting with anticipation to see more. And if I had a big bag of money land in my lap I would rent a u-haul, load up ALL of my furniture and bring it to you for a complete redo! While it was all gone I would repaint every room in the house and make sure it all looked good enough to showcase the furniture.

  9. knack

    Jackie ….. you are just too sweet girl …… thanks so much from the bottom of my heart! xoxo

  10. homesweet

    You are so talented! I love every piece you make.

  11. knack


    Thankyou so much! Your support is much appreciated!! Xoxo

  12. Lamia

    I was talking about that used paint effect on the corner and relief of your furniture… I looooove it and would like to try it on mine : is this difficult? sand paper??
    I can’t beleive how great are you furnitures!! 🙂

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