big news flash……..

one of my all time favorite designing couples has just introduced their new line of products! I am freaking out…in a good way….because as you know I have several of their pieces in my house here ….. in my dining room and den…..and also some for sale at the studio……I want ALL of the new designs…….:) I’m addicted….I know….. not only is their product beautiful but they are pure gems as well…..AND a hand written note with every order!

I wish all of you would visit their site here and buy them out……… I plan to stock up at knack…..:)

oh, and p.s……the model is miss “a” herself….looking fantastic ! xoxo

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  1. Joyce

    WOW! Very nice- I love it all! Enjoy. xoxo

  2. Ariana

    Barb, thanks so much for the kind words and all your support!! xoxo

  3. Rachel

    wow. i LOVE the way the light fixture looks in your dining room [i clicked]. WOW. seems like a triple threat of a company! 🙂 and i love businesses that aren't above a handwritten note. such a small, age-old gesture – but goes a long way.

  4. Amanda Nicole

    Love those lamps, heading over there right now.

  5. our little love nest

    Everything they have in their shop is so gorgeous!
    p.s. I love your home! I hadn't seen your design sponge feature before. YOU amaze me. xo

  6. Rachel Follett

    Love these! Looks great in your space!

  7. Mia

    Wow these are lovely! Those light fixtures would look great in my living room.

  8. Hello Lindello

    cute shades!
    I love the print and colors

  9. Heidi Jo

    So great. I would love to invest in some of their lighting products. Most definitely.

  10. Prairie Girl Studio

    these are simply tres cool … clean lines and soothing colours … no wonder you are so giddy!

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