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  1. skB

    looks great!

    I especially love your curtains:}

  2. Jeremy and Amy

    Wow, Barb, it’s beautiful!

  3. Anonymous

    I have been silently enjoying your blog for a while and looking forward to seeing how it will all come together in the bedroom.

    Love the vases. Do you mind sharing which discount store you purchased them? I live in the upstate too.

  4. knackstudio

    The discount store is old time pottery…… they have a million different cool vases and ceramic structures to make any kind of lamp you want!:)

  5. Heidi Jo

    I love it! That lamp is amazing and I love the salt and pepper shakers. I keep seeing cute and interesting ones at The Salvation Army and antique stores and I have to stop myself from filling my kitchen with salt and pepper shakers. Wouldn’t that be a fun collection though? It sure would give your guests a lot of options when they come over for a meal. : )

  6. knackstudio


    I did think when I found these that they would be a great collection to start ….. hmmmmm , maybe we’re on to something;)

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