I have a huge liking for desks and creating custom pieces that make you want to sit at them and do everything……even pay bills ….seriously !

“b” has so much character and I love her sophisticated attitude and clean lines…..I had a piece of glass cut for the top {not pictured because of the glare} to protect the paper panels and keep them lovely…always!

Have an awesome day! xo

** anna from d16 if you are reading this….. you inspired this piece with all of your black and white fantasticness! love your new office space…..

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  1. apriliniowa

    Very pretty desk. And the owl! I love the owl print, too.

  2. creativitity channel

    I’m in love with Bedelia..

  3. JL

    It’s a good thing that Bedelia is so strong and confident (in such an understated beautiful way) because….HELLO?!?…can you imagine having to make your debut after Vernon’s?!? Love her!

  4. Kristin

    I love it! And I agree with the first comment – the owl print is wonderful, too!

  5. Amanda Nicole

    Ooo, love the grey!

    You’ve also reminded me of those Amelia Bedelia my sister used to read. Thanks!

  6. stylebybecca864

    love it all especially the owl pic…

  7. Hello Lindello

    I love the color so much. Very calming and simple. The owl gives it a nice touch. Wow, I wish I was typing this on it right now!

  8. Julia

    I love desks, and this one is just perfect with that lamp and the owl print!

  9. Dee Larson

    She is truly beautiful!! I am smitten with her!
    We can’t contain our excitement for tomorrow!

  10. Eden Rose

    Great desk, love the colour. I am thrilled to find your blog and cant wait to read the rest, x

  11. pink olive

    barb, this piece is gorgeous! i love it 🙂 meanwhile, i have a desk (similar to the “before” shot in my office that i would LOVE for you to knack it up!! i wish you lived in NYC!!!!

  12. alli_jo

    This is one of my favorites I’ve seen thus far. Well done!

  13. inthetweeds

    Love this!!! May I ask what color gray is on sweet Bedelia?!

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