aerial views

I was thrilled to receive this fantastic new piece by Nathan Abels in my inbox the other day…. love the concept which comes from his part time work as an aerial photographer where he then turns his photos into drawings! This piece is actually the rooftops of two condo buildings!! I love the geometric designs and the soft neutral palette………..

There are a limited number of prints available so if you would like one…. click here for more info…. also check out his website for more of his wonderful work…. this is one talented fella!

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  1. Katie Runnels

    Yay! I love Nathan’s work too! I went to SCAD with him and he and his wife are lovely people too! So excited to find him here! oxo

  2. f2images

    Wow, that one that looks like the uprooted tree laying down is GORGEOUS! Going to check it out now!

    Emiko 😉

  3. dana

    Ciao your blog is fffantastic, I added to my blogroll list ..
    I think I could get lost for hours in there…

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