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  1. blue moss

    so so great! love the east village one…love ya girl!

  2. Teresa Roche

    BB — these are fabulous — tugging at my heart strings too – thanks for finding them and sharing!
    Feel Better,
    Love you,

  3. knackstudio

    love both of you to pieces!! Thanks for helping me through this time:)

  4. Kat

    NY is fantastic, and so are these buttons!

  5. skB

    love these. very cool. hope you are able to sleep well tonight:)

  6. Munted kowhai

    I’ve only really been to Binghamton NY and spent only 2 nights in NYC. I want to go there with my eyes wide open this time. When I do, you’ll have to tell me where to go!

  7. knackstudio

    I’ll totally give you some of my favorite places to go:) let me know when……. then I’ll need to get some portland hot spots from you …. I might be headed your way this summer:)

  8. Heidi Jo

    I love magnets. I have to stop myself from buying them, but I would cover my entire fridge if I could. And I’d add these to the collection!

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