Introductions: New candles, coasters, notebooks, and wooden blocks in the shop this week…….AND

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…a new furniture makeover coming later this afternoon! I know, I know….that was totally mean…..BUT, in all honesty we were painting fools last week and there are actually three pieces of furniture right on the cusp of being finished and photographed! It was one of those things where multiple processes were being completed on multiple pieces and it just made sense to wait and photograph them all at the same time. Since I have to clear the wall in the shop every time I photograph, I wanted to push through and complete as many pieces as possible and then photograph. I hope to have one of them up this afternoon…..and I broke out the turquoise again so I think you all will likey like.

I am also really excited about two new shipments of product coming in this week! I will have a fresh shipment of candles including a brand new scent….vanilla bourbon amber! It smells wonderful. I get asked all the time  “what smells so good in here?” and it makes me happy that friends are enjoying these candles and embracing them in their homes.

I am also getting in a few new coaster designs….{one of them pictured above}, DEcomposition notebooks { the “DE” is intentional…I promise}, and these fantastic little bags of blocks. Love the little wooden houses so much!

Stop by and shop this week Mon, Tues, Wed, and Fri 9 am – 2 pm ! New product will be out on Friday…..and I will see you later this afternoon for some furniture makeover time!



FYI- nifty wood coasters

I have been busy gathering goodies for the shop and getting everything all geared up for Knack’s grand opening in October! I am super excited about these awesome little sets of wooden coasters. There are 6 different designs {2 of each} and they are just plain fun…..especially the rotary phone and the soda pop top!

These awesome coasters can be purchased at Antiques on Augusta in the Knack booth, and also at the Knack shop! The price point is awesome…..15.00 for a set of 12.

Different, unique…..and a conversation starter. Get some!




Etcetera- Roller coaster mania

All photos via pinterest here, here, and here

Well, today…..all day long…..I will be at Carowinds with my family. We have been looking forward to this day all summer. It is kind of like our last “hurrah” before my daughter starts school on Monday! {I absolutely cannot believe school is starting. This summer has flown by! Whew!}

I love roller coasters…..but as I get older I am not sure how much they love me anymore! I am just hoping I can hang with JB and the kiddos, scream my guts out, eat food that is really bad for me, and just have the best time ever! I hope I don’t embarass my kids and puke, or worse :}……

Game on!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!





Just a peek at some new coasters Knack will be carrying, made by girls can tell, starting in September ….. I already have a black set of these at my house …… they look fantabulous in my den:)

Gift Guide :: Home and Host



You’re going to a lot of parties and family dinners in the next week, right?  Give your hosts something to remember you by for months to come.  Today we are walking you through our favorite gifts for hosts, and for the home.


  1. Pinch bowls by Crave : a delicate white ceramic bowl for earrings, dips, whathaveyou.
  2. Ribbon Bottle Opener : let them open your beverage sweetly and in style
  3. Round Cutting Board by Old Greenville : repay their kind service with a beautiful, reclaimed wood cutting board
  4. Letterpress Coasters : show them you care about their coffee table by sliding one of these under your drink, or under their tree
  5. Vintage Car Plate (in store only) : a one of a kind gift for a one of a kind host
  6. Beechwood Spoon : these lovely carved spoons will lend a rustic charm to their kitchen
  7. Green and Natural Tea Towel : you just can’t go wrong with a tea towel


living with :: siolella

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Siolella is a deep charcoal beauty with gold scallop detail.  Needless to say, she doesn’t need much adornment! A set of repurposed lilim coasters with a modern patterned glass will top her nicely, next to a sweet little vintage Scandinavian bird. Hang a handmade planter nearby and set a basket for storage on the lower shelf.  Siolella will sing.

Water is wet….. and wood does not like wet things.

waterringscollageI have gotten a few questions about water marks on both painted and unpainted wood, and so I thought I would try to tackle this question the best way I know how.

I took pictures of water rings that I have around my house {above}. The unfinished table has a few rings, and the TV console in the den has a few too. I may or may not be responsible for the ones on the wood table….but my son totally owns the ones on the TV console.

I have a personal conviction about such things as water rings…….. {see how I got all poetical and rhythmical?}……I am not bothered by them really, and take the approach of “I’ll get around to waxing that table”….or “I’ll fix those rings on the console when I finish putting on the new back…….one day.” These are signs of life and living…and they happen.

BUT, I know that this can be bothersome and really should be taken care of in order to keep your beautiful furniture looking fresh and clean! So, here goes.

1. Use a coaster for goodness sake! I sell all kinds of coasters in the shop for this very reason, and I have them all over our house {ones that we apparently forget to use…but nonetheless….we’ve got some great ones!} Seriously though, try to remember to put down a coaster on both painted and non painted surfaces.

2. There are two types of water rings on non painted surfaces. Light and dark. The light stains have only penetrated the surface finish, but the dark stains have reached to the innermost parts of the wood and are a little trickier to get out! If you have light or white water rings on top of a NON painted wood surface , the best thing to try first is mineral spirits. Put a little bit on a clean soft rag and rub it into the spot. Let it sit overnight, and repeat if it seems to have helped. If the stain is still visible after using mineral spirits, then use  a paste mixture of baking soda and non gel toothpaste. Let it sit on the stain for a few hours and wipe away with an oil soap. {Murphy’s oil soap} Once the ring is gone, and the wood is dry….apply danish oil or wax to seal the surface again.

3. If you have a dark stain on non painted wood you will want to start by lightly sanding the area with a fine grit sandpaper. {150 grit} If you can remove the stain without major, heavy sanding and disturbance to the surface, do so, and then apply a furniture stain or varnish to even out the finish. {If you are talking about a fine antique here, you will want to be very careful as this can really destroy the value of a piece when executed poorly.} If your stain is so dark that it does not remove when sanded lightly…. then you will need to get a little more involved and bleach the spot. Use a brush and apply the bleach directly to the stain. When the stain has lightened,{it usually takes a few hours} use a clean rag and water to stop the chemical action of the bleach. When you have washed the area with water, apply vinegar to neutralize the wood, and let the wood dry completely. Depending on the type of wood finish you have, apply stain or wax to seal the wood and match the finish of the existing wood surface.

4. If you have a water ring on a painted surface….it is not difficult to fix….but it IS a process to fix. It is very different from non painted surfaces. I have found that you have to sand through the paint to try to remove the water mark and it will require that you seal and then re paint the surface you are working on. Make sure that your surface is nice and smooth before re painting. You will want to sand and seal the water mark with polyurethane or a stain blocking primer. When moisture is trapped in the surface of the paint or in the wood it has to be sealed before being repainted or it will seep back through the next coat of paint.

I hope this helps in answering your questions! If you have any other questions for me , please leave them in the comments section!

Thanks guys!



It’s Prime Time

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Ok, it’s time to get down to the “nitty gritty” about primer. I have made no bones about the fact that I have a love hate relationship with primer, but over the years we have learned to tolerate each other and respect our differences.

95 percent of the time I do not use primer in my work due to the fact that it is not needed for the finish I am creating. However, there are times when a primer is absolutely necessary and here is what that looks like.

1. Raw unfinished wood. The reason I prime raw wood before painting is because most of the time {but not always} the wood releases tannins that will come through your paint finish….especially when using lighter paint colors. Some wood types do not release as many tannins, so educate yourself on the type of wood you’re painting over. Let me reiterate that this is not always the case and sometimes tannins will not happen…..but I have found that tannins usually do rear their ugly heads and so I just nip it from the get go. One of my favorite stain blocking primers is Zinsser Cover Stain Primer Sealer.

2. Shiny wood. On occasion a client brings me a mahogany type piece and the existing finish is slicky slick, so I like to give a light sanding and a coat of bonding primer to ensure that the paint finish I put on will stay nice and firm. My favorite bonding primer is Stix  Waterborne Bonding Primer. It is super thin, easy to apply with a brush and or foam roller, and soap and water clean up! I have been able to have this primer tinted to a couple grays, but it is limited in “tintable” colors.

This brings me to the very important conversation about another priming must for me. If I am not distressing a piece of furniture that I am priming, I am not picky about what color the primer is tinted. However, if I am distressing a piece that I am priming, the primer must always match the paint color. There is nothing I dislike more, {well that may not be entirely accurate.} than sanding through paint…. only to unleash the wrath of glaring white primer. I personally like to see only the paint color I am using and the wood….that is all. So, either use a paint and primer in one, or tint your primer to match your paint. Not all paint and primer in ones are created equal though and I find that several of them are quite thick when applied. My number one rule when applying paint is thin….thin…thin! Applying three thin coats of paint is way better than one or two thick ones. Don’t believe me? Try it…and you’ll never go back to thick again. Instead of mentioning the paint and primers in one that I do not like…how bout I just mention the one that I use every single day in the studio…..Benjamin Moore Aura paint. It is always the right color, and always the right consistency…..hands down.

3. Dining tables. Dining tables will get so much wear and tear…not to mention temperature inconsistencies due to food dishes and drinks. Always use coasters, trivets, and hot pads to protect your painted dining surfaces. {I know we are not talking about polyurethane in this post but when I seal a dining room table I use Arm-R-Seal oil and urethane top coat by General finishes.} It is the best.

There you have it. All of my favorite priming agents….the when, the why, the where. I hope I have answered your questions, but if you have more feel free to ask!

{**Disclaimer- I am not being compensated by any of these brands for promoting their product. {although that would be really cool!} I am simply sharing the products I love based on my continuous use of them and their consistent results that I have come to expect and respect.}



FYI: New Pillows in the shop

I just got a brand new shipment of pillows in at Knack! I am so excited about the prints and designs on these fantastic pillows…..and they are handmade here in the USA by a mother and son design team! I really love that!

Knack will be open this Friday night December 7th from 6-9 pm …..stop by if you would like to scoop up a couple pillows…..or revolver bottle openers…..or coasters, furniture, tea towels, ornaments, candles……you get the picture!

If you are not local and can not visit the shop, please email me for shipping information!

{Pillows are 15 x 15 burlap, zipper closure, removable poly insert and are 49.00 ea}