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  1. simplesong

    LOVE this shop + their photos. so great.


    nice pics… ╣♦♣♣♠

  3. jen jafarzadeh

    love their shop too — and the photos make shopping that much more fun!

  4. PS~Erin

    There’s those crates again! I so want some old gym lockers and they seem to be popping up everywhere, taunting me. 🙂

  5. Munted kowhai

    i’m a bit biased but my favourite is the science photo….

  6. Carolina Eclectic

    Very, VERY nice!
    At first I thought this article was about the photography:)

  7. Rachel

    i love the staged photos, too!!! i’d love some gas station numbers … and i LOVE the red/orange glasbake cups that are in the shop! yummy… thanks for finding! i marked it as a fave!

  8. the seventy tree

    Ooh I agree. Great styling indeed. Love it!

  9. Julia

    Whoohoo! What incredible pieces!

  10. HeddyShea

    Love that shop too! But, you have a wonderful eye for styling photos! I was just thinking that I better learn how to use my camera so I can take some much needed better looking photos!


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